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Your vital energy field

Your vital energy field

To understand the energy field we first need to be aware that we are energy beings.  E=MC2, Einstein’s discovery in 1905, demonstrates that ultimately everything in the universe is pure energy, differing only in rate of vibration.  Each of us is in essence a cluster of particles of vibrating energy.  

Long before Einstein and the theories of quantum physics, the existence  of energy fields was understood by many cultures around the world. In India it is called Prana, in China Qi or Chi, and in Japan Ki. In 1994, the National Institute of Health in the United States adopted the name ‘biofield' to describe the energy field around the human body.  

Dr Yury Kronn, a world renowned physicist and expert in this area says, “In the language of modern science [the biofield] is an energy that is not identical with electromagnetic energy.  It is a subtle energy that plays the role of ‘software’ for human processes on all levels, physical, emotional and mental.  It is an energetic communication system for those processes.” 

Is your vital energy under threat?

One of the most critical challenges to our energy field comes from our environment. Electricity, electronic technologies and particularly the explosion in wireless communication has significantly changed the environment in which we live. Man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), a product of the electronic age, are everywhere.  They are silent and invisible. 


Public Health England states clearly that there are no health effects from exposure to these electro-magnetic fields. However some experts have raised concerns because there are studies that indicate our exposure could cause harm. According to Professor Olle Johansson an expert in this area there are between 15,000 -  25,000 peer-review published studies that indicate health affects. The Council of Europe commissioned a detail review of the research into EMF exposure and mandated as far back as 2011 that European Governments invoke the Precautionary Principle.

Scientists studying the biological effects of exposure have found that our bodies are wonderful receivers and transmitters of electro-magnetic frequencies. For example if your radio signal is poor, and you hold the antenna, your body will receive the frequency, like an aerial, and improve the reception. Some experts say there are clear indications that electro-pollution compromises our energy field. 

And some people experience symptoms of electro-stress.  They are often belittled and mainstream science tells them their symptoms are psychosomatic. However having worked with many people over fifteen ears we would say ‘electro-stress’ is a very real issue for some people. 

To find out more how to protect your energy field read our Top Tips blog.  Free ways to reduce your EMF exposure.

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