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Frequently Asked Questions

No question is a silly question! Here at energydots, we get a lot of questions, so weā€™ve gathered our most-asked in this space. If weā€™ve not covered what you need to know, just ask. Fill out the form on theĀ contactĀ page, or just call us.Ā  We are here to help.

We have been helping people for over ten years. Ā  Over this time customers have repeatedly reported experiencing better sleep, greater concentration, a sense of calm and increased energy levels. Ā Please look at our customer reviews on trustpilotĀ to see for yourself.Ā  We are here to help so if you have questions please just call us on 01803 665626.

Einsteinā€™s famous equation E=mcĀ² states that all matter is actually energy.Ā  We are fundamentally energy and we are an open energy system i.e. our bodies pick up on the energy we are surrounded by.Ā  For good physical health, we need to consider the energy we are exposed to.Ā  Ā This is particularly important with the high levels of EMF exposure we live amongst.Ā  Take a more mindful approach to life and support your energy every day.Ā 

Electro-stress, sometimes labelled as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS) or electro-sensitivity, refers to the negative interference of EMFs (emitted by wireless electronic devices) on our bodies.Ā  It is not a recognised medical condition in the UK but many scientists around the world are endeavouring to raise awareness and create change.Ā  The symptoms range widely between individuals and can include headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems.

All our DOTs are low-powered magnets which are programmed with specific, coherent, naturally-occurring frequencies.Ā  Magnets are great storage devices and are widely used on bank cards, computer hard drives or old fashioned video and tape cassettes to store information.Ā  Magnets are a good storage medium for our frequency programming, since they are self-powering and do not need a separate power source.

Each DOT holds a different mix of frequencies and is working to do something slightly different.Ā  While smartDOT, bioDOT and petDOT aim to protect us and our furry friends from the harmful effects of wireless radiation, emitted from all our favourite devices, aquaDOT and spaceDOT harmonise the things around us.

Itā€™s best to begin with yourself.Ā Ā Being mindful and caring for your own energy is key so we recommend you wear a bioDOT every day.Ā  bioDOTā€™s programming is designed to rebalance and support your energy field, recharging your battery.Ā  The peer-review by Dr Rubik of study into the physiological effect of bioDOT concluded ā€œIt appears to be a mixture of an energising effect with an element of relaxationā€.Ā 

The best immediate support would be a bioDOT/smartDOT combination pack.Ā  Wear the bioDOT and put the smartDOT on your mobile phone.Ā  You can wear bioDOT in a variety of ways including aĀ bioDOTĀ you can stick on the back of a watch or pendant, aĀ bioBAND, aĀ bioTAGĀ and aĀ bioCLIP.Ā  Ā Weā€™ve purposely put bioDOT and smartDOT together in combination packs as these are the ā€˜frontlineā€™ support for your energy.Ā  If you want to explore a few more ideas before deciding where to begin read ourĀ top tips.Ā 

The extent to which you feel a noticeable difference depends on your sensitivity to energy interference, particularly EMFs.Ā  Some customers notice a difference straight away as they may be particularly sensitive, whilst some take a few weeks to notice the benefits.

Looking at the feedback from existing customers will give you a real insight into the effects.Ā  OurĀ trustpilot reviews,Ā customer videosĀ andĀ customer surveysĀ all give honest feedback.Ā 

A few of our customers have reported experiencing detox like symptoms when they first try out the products.Ā  Because we are all so used to such high levels of energy interference and EMF exposure is constant some report feeling foggy and lethargic as they adjust.Ā  This is similar to how you may feel if you cut caffeine or sugar from your diet.Ā  This only lasts a few days and they soon reap the benefits.

smartDOT and bioDOT are programmed differently.Ā  smartDOT should be attached to a wireless device, such as a wi-Fi router, mobile phone, baby monitor, tablet or games consoles.Ā  However, bioDOT products such as bioBAND should be worn or attached to something you would wear, since they release natural frequencies which are designed to support the bodyā€™s biofield.Ā  Ā 

BioDOT has an energising effect with an element of relaxation and smartDOT has a stress-reducing physiological effect.Ā  In aĀ customer surveyĀ overall 67% found they had improved focus and concentration since using bioDOT & smartDOT (105 out of 156).

Ideally, your children would wear a bioDOT product such as the bioBAND at all times. This will work to strengthen their biofield and protect them from ambient EMF emitted by any wireless devices near them. Preferably you should place a smartDOTs on any wireless devices that they use or are around, which is specifically designed to retune the EMF emitted from the device directly at its source.

Our products are not EMF shields, but instead retune or harmonise the emissions to a more natural coherent frequency.Ā  In peer reviewed testing smartDOT shows aĀ stress reducingĀ effect.Ā  EMF shields block the signal which will affect the functioning of the device.Ā 

All the DOTs are waterproof but in the case of bioDOT not all the wearable items are recommended to be worn in water.Ā  Ā The bioBAND is fully waterproof and can be worn when showering, swimming etc but the bioTAG and bioCLIP may tarnish so we wouldnā€™t recommend getting them wet.

if you have aquaDOTs on your water bottle we would recommend hand washing rather than putting them in a dishwasher.Ā 

The magnetic structure of energydots holds the informational fields indefinitely.Ā  However the strong adhesive on the reverse means that they are difficult to move once fixed.Ā  Ā If you have a smartDOT stuck to your mobile then you may need to get a new one when you upgrade your phone.Ā  Ā If you have a secure phone case you can put the smartDOT inside the case without peeling the back off and using the adhesive.Ā  Ā You can then easily move it when you upgrade your phone.Ā Ā 

The adhesive of smartDOT is particularly strong, so if you need to move it from one device to another, for example if you upgrade your phone, weā€™d recommend you do this only once to avoid damaging it. If you have a phone or tablet case, simply slot the smartDOT in the back rather than removing the adhesive sticker ā€“ this way you can transfer it from device to device.

The adhesive of aquaDOT is very strong so will survive constant hand washes. However, we wouldnā€™t recommend dishwashing products which have the aquaDOT attached as it may not last as long.

The Space Pyramid works up to 90 metres squared, so effectively 45 metres in all directions from the centre point. It will work through walls so weā€™d recommend positioning as centrally as possible within the home.

The Space Pyramid is designed to retune energetic disturbances other than those caused by our much-loved devices and Wi-Fi. It helps to tackle disturbances such as geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional stress but will not help with EMF stress. To help alleviate the health effects of EMFs, we recommend the use of bioDOT and smartDOT.

Of course! We work with lots of practitioners and health shops to help distribute energydots, if you are interested please drop an email to

Our bioBANDS are made from medical grade silicone and can be stretched over the hand on to the wrist, so pick whichever size you are nearest. Small (160mm), medium (180mm), large (200mm), extra large (220mm). Measure around your wrist to get your closest size. We accept exchanges.

Of course, if you want more information surrounding EMF exposure or which products would suit you best, please drop us a email at and we will arrange a convenient time for you.

Our Clips and Tags are made from a stainless steel, nickel free, zinc alloy with a bioDOT recessed in the reverse.

Just the colour! They both work in exactly the same way, we have just offered a colour choice for you.


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