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Be mindful using technology – free ways to reduce EMF exposure

Be mindful using technology – free ways to reduce EMF exposure

Whether you love it or hate it our reliance on technology is here to stay.  In 2020 we became ever more reliant on screen time. It powers our social, economic and educational world and life has become ever more ‘digitised’.

Our reliance on screens and wi-Fi has created a world awash with electromagnetic fields (EMF). So now is a good time to pause for thought. Is there a downside to our 24/7 digital world?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) come from all our devices and a growing body of science suggests there may be health implications from our constant exposure.

So perhaps it is time to review our relationship with our screens.

Be aware

The health debate is ongoing. Public Health England states clearly that the current exposure is well within the internationally agreed levels published in the ICNIRP Guidelines and as such there should be no consequences for public health. But some experts are calling for change to safety standards and for precautions to be taken. For example 255 scientists from 44 countries are appealing to the UN to consider potential biological impact of telecommunications technology.

If you want some tips that are to reduce your exposure then read on.

Be mindful

Just pause when you’re using your devices and think about whether you could make a few simple changes.

  • Disable Bluetooth and wireless on your phone whenever you don’t need them.
  • Text rather than talk
  • Use speakerphone or air-tube earphones.
  • Don’t use wireless earphones.
  • Use corded landlines and divert your calls to your landline when you are at home, so you can turn off your mobile phone without missing a call.
  • Watch Your Signal Strength. Usually a phone in an area with good reception will transmit at much lower levels than in an area with poor reception like a lift or deep within a large building.
  • Do you use a microwave and if so can you alter your cooking habits to reduce or stop using a microwave.

Keep your Distance

EMF gets weaker the further you get away from the source so introduce habits that put some distance between you and your devices.

  • Avoid keeping your phone in your pockets. Place it a little way away from you.
  • Keep your laptop off your lap. Try and place it on a desk to use it. Even with no wiFi or Bluetooth connection, there are magnetic EMF’s oozing from it.
  • If you can, move your wiFi router or booster away from where you sit to work and where you sleep.
  • If you zoom, skype or facetime a lot use a selfie stick rather than holding your phone.
  • Use a stand and stylus when using your phone.
  • If you have a baby place the baby monitor as far away from your baby as possible. Digital baby monitors emit radiation continuously, even when the baby makes no sound. If you haven’t invested yet then you could choose an analogue or wired device or if you go for digital consider audio rather than video.

Get grounded

Contact with the earth helps restore the body’s natural electrical balance. If you can walk barefoot or just put your barefeet onto grass, sand, dirt or rock your body can rebalance and take up the free electron’s from the earth. Search for grounding or earthing techniques to discover more.

If you live in a city or town try and get out to the park.  If time in nature is just not possible then there are special conductive devices that you can use, even while you sleep. Search for grounding products for humans.

Ditch the wearables

Avoid wearables such as wireless watches, wireless sleep monitors, wireless headsets and fitness type devices.

Wire Up

Wiring up isn’t free but if you are thinking of making changes it is worth considering this investment.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to make changes. If you have read this far, thank you. If you have found it helpful please share it with your friends and family. This is an important topic and it is good if we can all make informed choices.

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