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Better sleep for just 0.09p per day - check this out!

Better sleep for just 0.09p per day - check this out!

Poor sleep is a real problem. If you could sleep better for just 0.09p a day would you be interested?

 64% of the thousands of customers who have used the online quiz say that  poor sleep is the issue they want to address more than any other. Especially when it is their children who are suffering.

Many factors affect sleep but the huge rise in our use of devices is undoubtedly one of them. Electro-magnetic fields (EMF) from our devices affect our sleep quality because they reduce melatonin production. Melatonin regulates our sleep. 

And according to the Sleep Foundation 27.4% of adults in the US take melatonin to help them sleep. That is one quarter of all adults in the US have to supplement their melatonin. Wow!

Why not address the issue using natural powerful healing frequencies?

The Comprehensive Sleep Kit is THE powerhouse of the range. A natural way to support deeper sleep.  It combines three products which are designed to enhance the quality of deeper sleep.  

  1. Use smartDOTs to harmonise the sleep zapping EMF that you are bombarded by.
  2. Wear a bioDOT to energise and balance your energy field.
  3. Keep a sleepDOT with you at nighttime to enjoy the natural frequencies that encourage deep sleep.

In a sleepDOT user survey (March 2021) overall 78% responded the quality of sleep had improved since using sleepDOT

In a bioDOT/smartDOT user survey (March 2021) overall 68% found their sleep quality had Improved since using energyDOTs

A super-powerful kit that gets to the root of the problem.  Remember DOTs last indefinitely and do not need replacing.  

And right now there is 30% off the Sleep Kits. Over just two years (and they’ll last much longer than that) the Sleep Kit will cost you just 0.09p a day. 

But the benefits are not limited to better sleep.  

So jump in now and improve your night’s and days with THE powerhouse Sleep Kit.  

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Energydots have been used around the world for over 15 years. With various wearable methods energydots can be used by everyone.