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FresherMAT is designed to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.
Your order will contain 2 x fresherMATs for use in different locations. The fresherMATs will arrive in food grade sealed pouches, we recommend keeping the MAT's in the pouch to ensure its longevity. 
You can use it in the salad draw of your fridge to keep all those lovely veggies and fruits fresh for longer. Or you could place it under a fruit bowl.
Take a look at these amazing photos of a lemon.  One lemon cut in half and the two halves placed in china dishes one metre apart.  One dish was then placed on top of a FresherMAT. After two weeks the half that was not exposed to FresherMAT has become mouldy and is obviously inedible.
Even out of the fridge the lemon half on the FresherMAT shows no sign of mould.
The upsides are your fruit and vegetables staying fresh for longer, so less food wastage, which is great for your pocket and the environment.
We began developing FresherMAT when we discovered the huge cost of food wastage.  In a Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) study they calculated that the average UK family with children chucks the equivalent of £730 straight in the bin each year.

A 2020 by Penn State, U.S. revealed that U.S. households waste about a third of the food purchased every year.  This adds up to $1,350 to $2,275 lost per year per household.

|And studies show that as well as the personal expense of food wastage the environmental impact is huge.

Get your FresherMAT today. It is 12.5cm by 10cm and can we wiped or washed clean. It is easy to use, move and clean.

Here’s to freshness, money saving and helping the planet!



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