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What's your look? Which bioDOT/smartDOT pack is right for you?

What's your look? Which bioDOT/smartDOT pack is right for you?

energyDOTS deliver the luxury of stress relief with no extra effort every single day.

Our bioDOT/smartDOT starter packs is a great way to begin. This double act is powerful because the smartDOT retunes the EMF from your phone. That's a big step forward as you probably carry that with you all day every day.  And then the bioDOT is supporting you so you are more energised each day. 

The bioDOT/smartDOT packs come in five wearable options. But what's your look? It's got to be right for you!

1. The Always Easy Stylish bioBAND

An 'on trend' and easy to wear medical grade silicone wristband. Slip it on and leave it on. You can sleep in it, shower/bath or even dive in the pool.  It is suitable for men and women and children from seven and up. 

Biobands currently come in six colours. The newest and we think best colour is nude. Its neutral, discreet and stylish. But if nude is not for you then we have white, black, blue, purple and red.  

And of course there are different sizes.  Just measure your wrist and take your pick. 

  • Small 160mm/6.3 inches 
  • Medium 180mm/7 inches
  • Large 200mm/7.9 inches
  • Extra large 220mm/8.7 inches

2. The Perfect Pendant

An enamel pendant with the Seed of Life on the front. Simple and elegant.  On the reverse is the bioDOT which supports you all day every day. You can wear it using the 80cm/31.5 inch cord it comes with you or you can put it on a chain of your own. 

3. The Discreet bioTAG

This is exactly the same as the pendant but with a shorter cord (30cm/12 inch). It is designed for you to loop through a button hole or bra strap. You can tuck it away where it will be quietly and discreetly working all day every day to support you.

Available in white or black.

4. The Ever Practical bioCLIP

The same as the pendant or bioTAG but with a key clip for easy use. Attach to a belt loop so you can keep it with you all the time. 

 Available in white or black 

 5. The Super Simple bioDOT/smartDOT sticker starter pack 

Last but not least is the sticker pack.  Both the bioDOT and smartDOT are just in the sticker form. This means you can stick the bioDOT to something you already wear such as a pendant or the back of a watch.  Or you could put the bioDOT behind a secure phone case with your smartDOT.   

The bioDOT is working to support you but if you carry your phone all the time then it is a convenient way of keeping it with you. 

Great for teenagers or anyone who wants to keep it super simple.

Pick your look and know that stress relief is on its way! 


90 Day Money Guarantee

We are so confident you will love our products, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you don't love your products.

Independently Tested

Our products have been Independently tested and peer reviewed through various different testing protocols.

For All the Family

Energydots have been used around the world for over 15 years. With various wearable methods energydots can be used by everyone.