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Mark, Fiona and Maxine Share Their Story

Mark, Fiona and Maxine Share Their Story

A good night’s sleep, high energy levels and the ability to focus and feel calm make for healthier happier days.  

And all four of these are key benefits of using energydots. 

  • Better sleep
  • Better concentration and focus 
  • Increased energy AND a sense of calm

"More positive thinking"

Mark Eccles told us “After using the products, I had a much more stable energy and mood and more positive thinking.”

"Emotions seem to be balanced"

Fiona Baker-Holden, an Isle of Man TT racer who we worked with said “What amazing products they are! No word of a lie, after putting the sleepDOT under our mattress, placing the spaceDOT in our bedroom and the smartDOTs on the router and smart meter,  I have gone to sleep within 20 minutes or so without fail every single night since!”  

Interestingly, our cat has also slept on the bottom of our bed every night apart from two since I bought the energy dots. She’s also stayed there all night. If you’re a cat lover, you’d know how aloof cats are, so this is really bizarre.

Equally interesting is that my emotions seemed to have balanced out more again as well. As a result, I have not taken my medication once since, because I haven’t felt I needed to…. result

"See for myself"

Another rider we worked with Brad Jones passed the benefits onto his Mum.  “After seeing the differences in my husband and son’s energy levels I decided I wanted to see for myself. After a few weeks or so I asked Tim if I could wear his bioBAND. I noticed my energy increase and he noticed that when he took it off for a few weeks whilst I was wearing it he experienced a loss of energy and felt quite lethargic. I then gave it back to him and he felt ok again.”

Maxine continued to mention “I had a brain tumour removed in 2016 which affected my balance and my sleeping, so I tried a smartDOT and the sleepDOT. I would say within 2 weeks, my balance especially going up and downstairs was massively improved and getting out of bed became a lot easier.”

If better sleep, increased energy and focus and a sense of calm are what you are looking for then try our quick online quiz to work out which products are best for you. 

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Energydots have been used around the world for over 15 years. With various wearable methods energydots can be used by everyone.