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Karen. F – ‘my energyDOTs testimonial’

Karen. F – ‘my energyDOTs testimonial’

We recently heard from one of our customers, Karen. Karen got in touch to share her review with energydots after having tried the entire energydots range for two weeks. To begin with, Karen expressed “since lockdown, I’ve been in the house more and we have a lot of devices and a lot of electricity and I definitely have been feeling this kind of ‘buzzy’ feeling and kind of agitated.” She continued to add that she had not been sleeping as well as usual and was finding it difficult to get to sleep quickly.

In a bid to quell some of these unwelcome symptoms, which she believes were due to EMF radiation exposure, Karen decided to give energydots a try. Benefitting from a full energydots toolkit, this means Karen had our best solution to maintaining her wellbeing. The energydots toolkit consists of the following products:

smartDOT, a radiation protection device designed to harmonise the EMFs emitted by our wireless gadgets. Independently tested, smartDOT is universal and can be used on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and Wi-Fi router amongst other devices.

Secondly, it contains bioDOT, our natural energy booster and sleepDOT, our natural sleep aid designed to aid you in deep, restorative sleep.

Finally, the toolkit boasts both spaceDOT, our room harmonising tool and aquaDOT, the water harmoniser.

Here’s the good bit, are you ready? Karen says “since using the energydots I definitely have noticed I feel much calmer and this ‘buzziness’… has just stopped. I just feel still inside and that’s amazing because it was getting very annoying.” Sounds pretty good, but wait, there’s more…

Karen commended sleepDOT, adding: “I also have been falling asleep much faster, staying asleep and sleeping more deeply and I also feel like I have more energy.” She continued by saying: “now I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning raring to go with only 7 hours of sleep, whereas before it was hard to get up after 8 hours of sleep.”

On aquaDOT, Karen says “it seems crazy, but the water seems to taste better with the energydot (aquaDOT) on the bottom of my glass.” This doesn’t sound crazy to us, Karen! Many of our customers report that aquaDOT has a vitalizing effect, with a marked improvement in taste. aquaDOT works to improve the imprinting of nasties from your water, such as EMF radiation.

Karen finishes her review by thanking energydots: “I’m really happy that I tried it and I would highly recommend all of the products, they’re great! Thank you.”

If you having any questions regarding this review or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to fire away on 01803 665626 or We have an experienced and friendly team dedicated to helping you with your every need. Otherwise, if you’ve tried any of our products and fancy sharing your video review with us, please feel free to send us an email and we’ll be back to you right away!

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