Where to begin?

 If you’re still not sure but want some advice then please just call or email us. 

Here are our six top tips to help you decide where to begin:

1.  If you feel your energy is low then begin with a bioDOT/smartDOT combination pack. BioDOT has an energising effect with an element of relaxation and smartDOT has a stress-reducing physiological effect.  Wear the bioDOT everyday to support your energy field and put a smartDOT on an object in your home.  Overall 76% found they had an improved sense of overall wellbeing since using the bioDOT/smartDOT combination pack (118 out of 156).  

2.  If you’re not sleeping well –  Improved sleep is one of the most regularly reported benefits of using a bioDOT/smartDOT combination pack.  Overall 68% found their sleep quality had Improved since using biodot/smartdot (118 out of 156).  If sleep is a concern for you, you could try a sleepDOT or sleep kit which includes a bioDOT, 3 smartDOTs and a sleepDOT.   

3. Does part of your wellbeing routine include good hydration? i.e. you’re drinking lots of purified drinking water then you could add an aquaDOT to your water bottle and/or filter.   The aquaDOT energetically revives the water so it is more refreshing.  

4.  Is your home your haven but it feels a little off? How our homes look is important but so is how they feel.  If the energy doesn’t feel right there may be a number of reasons for that.   Geopathic stress, architectural, emotional disturbances from previous occupants.  Try using spaceDOT to lift the energy in your home.

5. Concerned about your pet? Last but by no means least if you are concerned about your pet then have a look at the petDOT and aquaDOT combination pack. 

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