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The spaceDOT’s powerful resonant programming interacts with your space to bring harmony, clearing any energetic disturbances. Revitalizing your environment with spaceDOTs has an uplifting and enhancing effect which brings restored clarity and flow. Each spaceDOT has a radius of five meters (i.e. 360 degrees in all directions).

In a particular room attach a spaceDOT to an ornament or other object and try it in different places. If the entire property needs re-balancing four spaceDOTS can be applied in a ‘grid’ which will energize the whole area – DIY Feng Shui kit. If you are uncertain about positioning please call us for advice.



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Our homes and workplaces all have their own ‘vibe’. This vibe or energy can be negative, neutral or positive and there are several layers that contribute to create the overall energetic quality of any place. Earth energies such as geopathic disturbance, emotional residue from previous occupants, architectural and historic elements all influence the energetic quality of a property.

The spaceDOT is designed to harmonize disruptive energies and so uplift the energy in your home or work space. The Phi energy that spaceDOT continuously radiates will interact resonantly with your environment to produce a powerful clearing harmonic. This harmonic re-energizes and balances the area by the process known as entrainment.

As human beings, we are very good at adapting ourselves to environmental disturbances. However, this is not the same as changing there effects for our benefit. Symptoms like poor quality sleep, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches can all be helped by attending to your energetic environment.

A traditional system like the ancient Oriental art of Feng Shui works to ‘heal’ energetic problems in buildings by rearranging architectural features and changing color schemes. This can prove to be a costly exercise. The vibrational frequencies of the spaceDOT can create tangible positive change at a fraction of the cost. Wherever you live or work you can benefit in a number of ways from the uplifting effects of the spaceDOT.

The spaceDOT/pyramid basically help to harmonize the ‘ambient’ energies/frequencies in a space – those energies that are more ‘natural’ or integral to the area in question.

These could be geopathic, or emotional (like when you walk into a room and you get a feeling that there’s been an argument, or when you go to a place and just get an uncomfortable ‘feeling’); or it could be something that is somehow laid into the building itself due to where it is or how it has been used in the past; or the area that it is built on could, for example, be over man-made tunnels, or buried streams carrying frequencies; or the way a building is designed that doesn’t allow for free flow off energies (Feng Shui!) or be in an area where there are natural but negative electromagnetic frequencies in the earth that move up into the building. All these types of things are addressed by the spaceDOT/pyramid, as well as some ambient EMFs to a degree.

how to use spaceDOT

spaceDOT has a radius of approximately 5 meters/yards (i.e. 360° in all directions around its center) and can be used in a number of ways. Consider the area which you feel needs re-energizing. Is it a particular room, or a larger space? Perhaps you feel the energy needs re-balancing but you are not sure what to do. If it is just a particular room buy a spaceDOT and stick it to a favorite object within the room. If it is a movable object try it in different places. If it is the entire property, four spaceDOTs may be applied to form a ‘grid’ which will energize the whole area.

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