bioDOT + smartDOT


This is the best way to begin with energydots.  The duo pack includes a self-adhesive bioDOT and a self-adhesive smartDOT.  Wear the bioDOT to strengthen and support your energy.  Stick smartDOT to your mobile to retune the toxic emissions.  Use the two to protect yourself from radiation and increase your energy levels.


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Wear the bioDOT on your a favourite piece of jewellery, watch or other item you can carry with you.

It has a very strong adhesive on the reverse.  We live in a world of ‘electro-smog’ and bioDOT supports your energy field in this intense environment.

The golden smartDOT is the ‘harmoniser’ for any device. If its your first smartDOT stick it to the centre of your mobile phone.   It can however be used on any device – wi-Fi router, laptop, tablet, baby monitor and more.   The powerful resonant energy radiated by the smartDOT retunes the radiation from these devices.

If you stick the smartDOT to your mobile phone then ideally protect it with a phone case.

Using both the bioDOT and smartDOT changes the energy you are exposed to and improves your daily energy experience.

Ideal for all ages.


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