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How does it work?

There are several layers that influence the overall energetic quality of a place. spaceDOT is a room harmoniser.

spaceDOT is a magnetic disc, programmed with natural fields.   Magnets are widely used as storage devices.  Hard-disk drives represent the most widely used form of magnetic storage in use today.   Video and audio tapes and the black magnetic stripe on bank and membership are other examples.   

A digital programming process call Programmed Harmonic Interface technology encodes information in the form of fields on to the magnetic structure of spaceDOT.  The spaceDOT holds and radiates these fields.  These naturally occurring highly coherent fields interact are designed to uplift any disruptive energies in your home or workplace.  This retuning is known as the Law of Entrainment. 

spaceDOT’s vibrational frequencies can create positive change with symptoms such as poor sleep quality, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches reduced.

How do I use it?

spaceDOT has a radius of approximately 5 metres and can be used in a number of ways. If you have a particular room which needs an energy boost, from geopathic stress to emotional residue to historic elements, place the room harmoniser on a specific object. If the entire property needs rebalancing, consider a Space Pyramid which has a radius of 90m or place four spaceDOTs in a grid to energise a wider area. We can advise on where is best or provide a bespoke service for your space.

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