How does it work?

There are several layers that influence the overall energetic quality of a place. spaceDOT is a room harmoniser, designed to uplift any disruptive energies in your home or workspace. spaceDOT continously radiates Phi energy which interacts with its environment to re-energise and balance the area through the scientific process of entrainment. spaceDOT’s vibrational frequencies can create positive change with symptoms such as poor sleep quality, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches reduced.

How do I use it?

spaceDOT has a radius of approximately 5 metres and can be used in a number of ways. If you have a particular room which needs an energy boost, from geopathic stress to emotional residue to historic elements, place the room harmoniser on a specific object. If the entire property needs rebalancing, consider a Space Pyramid which has a radius of 90m or place four spaceDOTs in a grid to energise a wider area. We can advise on where is best or provide a bespoke service for your space.

Pamela U

Feeling less tired using wireless technologies

Excellent and practical healing devices. I definitely feel calmer with the space dots around the home. Also feeling less tired using wireless technologies with the smart dots attached. Very happy customer and would definitely recommend ????


Really helped to improve my energy levels, sleep and feelings of wellbeing

I have been very pleasantly surprised by energydots and they have really helped to improve my energy levels, sleep and feelings of wellbeing... I decided to buy an energydots pyramid and a biotag, quite soon I noticed improved perception and a reduction in brain fog. I also now look forward to sleeping as I know I'm (so far) going to get deep restorative sleep.

Anna B

Great company, excellent products

Great company, excellent products. The pyramid is beautiful and very powerful.


My home feels cleansed of negative energy

I have found the energydots to be incredibly healing for the mind and body. Having only recently researched them; I can fully recommend the benefits listed. I invested in the Spacepyramid which does not only have a fantastic aesthetic look but instantly changed the energy of my home. My home feels cleansed of negative energy which has boosted us all in many ways. This was not only felt by me, but by friends who have visited.


I am sooo glad I came across these, they are amazing lifesavers

The difference these dots make are amazing! I have one attached to my phone and also bought the ones for home, and what a difference. I feel so much calmer and more focused at home, in the bedroom and living room that I have them, remarkable that I could actually feel the difference within the hour. It definitely seems to clear away a lot of unhelpful energies. I was having difficulty sleeping, and also focusing its been so great I am now going to get the wearable on my wrist!