How does it work?

Not everybody knows that wireless devices emit low level radiation, which may be damaging to our health. smartDOT is a magnetic disc, programmed with Phi energy which interacts with this form of radiation. Acting as a filter, smartDOT retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at their source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb. The EMF protection device is programmed to harmonise EMFs from our much-loved gadgets using the process of entrainment.

How do I use it?

smartDOT enables you to live life more safely, with the benefits of boosted energy, mood and concentration plus reduced headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. Use a smartDOT on any device you feel contributes to these symptoms of electro-stress. Attach your smartDOT using the adhesive backing, or slot it into a phone or tablet case. A smartDOT does not need to be in a specific position and can be placed anywhere on a device to function. Ideally one should be placed on each individual item, for example a Wi-Fi router and a laptop.

RAF Kawasaki rider, Ryan Vickers

energydots have helped me to sleep better and feel more alert

For the last 5 years I have always struggled to get up in the mornings. Since using the sleepMAT, bioDOT and smartDOT, I no longer have this trouble. In just a few months, energydots have helped me to sleep better and feel more alert, which can make the difference between winning and losing.

Marina Woolman

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend the Smart Dots which definitely reduce the effects of using any device, ie no headaches, no reduced energy levels felt...  With the coming of 5G I think it is important to protect ourselves!

The Isbourne Clinic

I have more energy

I was pleasantly surprised to find a DOT on my computer Tuesday morning. It has definitely made a difference to myself and the office as a whole I think as we all seem to be calmer and I am finding that I have more energy, especially in the afternoons after lunchtime, I’m not so fuzzy headed. Great product!

Lord Hammy

You are changing our lives for the better

You are changing our lives for the better, we can live without the looming threat of ill effects of modern tech radiation, but still make use of the positives that modern technology allows. Thank you!


Without any headaches or "hot-ears"

Both my children, in late twenties, are using the SmartDot on their mobile phones without any headaches or "hot-ears". A brilliant product that really works in protecting our bodies. Thank you.

Happy Customer

I don’t have that drained feeling after a long conversation

I bought a pack of five energy dots before lockdown as I had been meaning to buy them but now knew I would be working from home and on the phone and iPad for hours at a time. The difference was immediate when using my phones (mobiles) and I don’t have that drained feeling after a long conversation...

Tamatha W

Very happy with speed of delivery & courteous customer service

A good friend gifted me an EnergyDot stick-on for my mobile phone a couple of years ago & it gave me some peace of mind regarding reducing the harmful frequencies the handset emits. Saw a special offer recently & ordered another for my young secondary-aged son who is just about to get his first phone. Very happy with speed of delivery & courteous customer service. Will be buying more products in future!


An increase in my energy levels

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my energy levels since adding a dot to our devices and my husband has also stopped having headaches!


I don't get as tired working on my laptop

My Blackberry was constantly overheating (apparently an issue with Blackberry) but since placing the energy dot on there it does not get hot. That was enough evidence for me. Also I don't get as tired working on my laptop which also has an energy dot on it. I have now purchased the band and wear the energy dot at all times. Its certainly increased my energy levels. I would definitely recommend.

Lauratu O

A Health Coach's Review

Due to a house move we have been without the internet for two weeks. Once the internet was installed, I started feeling a bit nauseous and had a buzzing sensation in my head. I immediately placed a dot on it and within a few minutes I felt my body becoming less tense plus the buzzing sensation disappeared. I have now dotted every emitting device at home (including my mobile phone) and armed my kids with biodots to ensure they are protected at school. As a health coach, I encourage my clients to make healthy choices when it comes to food and the environment they place themselves in. This is definitely a product that I will be recommending to my clients.

Kelley P

I feel our devices are safer & I’d recommend them

I bought a pack of 5 to put on all of our devices. I’m prone to waking in the night & browsing through social media. Since using the dot I’m not waking! I feel our devices are safer & I’d recommend them.

Mrs T

Excellent service, very quick delivery

As my daughter is homeschooling at the moment and on her iPad 5 days a week I feel happier that the energy dots are on all her devices to help with the emf radiation.

Lisa M

Highly recommend and best on the market

It's understandable that people are sceptical about bio/energy dots. All I can say is try them. Me and my daughter started to wear them 2 to 3 years ago and immediately felt the benefits of using bio bands and smart dots on laptops and mobile devices. At first we both had headaches, nothing major just detox headaches which soon went after a couple of days. After that we reaped the positives. Clear headed and able to focus more, sleep also improved greatly. I would not be without them. I recommend using a combination of band and dots to get the maximum benefits.

Miss H B

I had a burst of energy and felt human again

Initially I felt worse with the dots, but I realised I was having a detox! 3 days later - BOOM! - I had a burst of energy and felt human again, away from the foggy, lethargy that was becoming normal for me. We have DOTS on all the kids iPads and phones, PS4 and our Laptops, we have the bands as well for when we are out and about. I feel so much happier with them, for the children's & our own health & well being. Thank you!

Rosie D

Really like these

Really like these. Our WiFi is on all the time and with my child at home during the pandemic I feel better knowing I have a smart dot on the router, laptop and mobile phones. They also look really nice and decorative!


Outstanding way of protecting oneself

I have been a user of your products for 10 years now. They work, I have gotten my deliveries and have never experienced any problems with neither products nor communication. Through the years I have given bio- and smartdots as gifts, and the recipients report back that they too enjoy the lasting effects. Thank You!

Amber R

These are fantastic!

These are fantastic! We muscle tested so we know they work. My daughter is sleeping better and we all feel a huge difference since we put them on all our devices.

Helen H

They definitely work

I bought some of these about 5 years ago and have been buying them ever since for friends and family. As a therapist I've used muscle testing to check them. They definitely work. it will be interesting to see how they perform when 5G gets widespread.


My devices are cooler

My devices are cooler since using the smartdot. Thank you.