Technology is extremely useful in the teaching environment and while it should be embraced, we all need to more mindful to the increased levels of radiation. With children particularly vulnerable to the effects of EMFs, many countries have or are looking to remove Wi-Fi in schools and nurseries. EMF protection is a simple solution which should be encouraged by parents and teachers. Have a look at our labelled classroom to find out how you can best improve pupil wellbeing at school.

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High EMF exposure can cause symptoms of electro-stress such as poor concentration, headaches, and low energy in both children and adults. We are passionate about protecting children in schools, and can develop a specific plan tailored to your needs.

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Technology has changed the game for education and shouldn’t be avoided due to potential heath risks. See our classroom placement guide to take a precautionary measure and reap the benefits of improved energy, reduced fatigue and alleviated stress in the teaching environment.

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