In today’s homes, wireless technology is a given. But because we don’t see or necessarily understand the impact of this on our health, we might not realise it’s affecting our most important space. Our DOTs are designed to retune energetic disturbances, from EMF-related stress to geopathic, historical, architectural and emotional stress. See our labelled home to discover how you can best protect your living space from the negative impact of wireless radiation.

Why do I need it?

The most important space in our lives, our homes should be filled with positive vibes. But sometimes the energy might not be spot on. Though EMFs are invisible to the naked eye, they can disrupt our atmosphere and ourselves. Find protection from the negative effects of wireless radiation with energydots.

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How do I use it?

Our homes are packed with wireless technology, which doesn’t stop at phones and laptops. From games consoles to smart TVs to baby monitors, see our home placement guide to discover how to best protect your home from EMF radiation and geopathic stress.

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Marina Woolman

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend the Smart Dots which definitely reduce the effects of using any device, ie no headaches, no reduced energy levels felt...  With the coming of 5G I think it is important to protect ourselves!

Mark Eccles

I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools

I am lucky enough to have the majority of the product range and find they all have discernible benefits. I'm sensitive to energies both good and bad. I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools or devices such as mobile phones protected by them. Highly recommended you give these a try

Fayenen Lathrenwen

I definitely notice an improvement when sleeping

I really appreciated all the support and information given when I called the customer services. I definitely notice an improvement when sleeping with the sleep-mat under my pillow and I have the smartdot on all my family's electronic devices.


My sleeping is more settled

My general health is quite good but I have noticed since wearing the BioDOT and using a smart DOT on my mobile that my sleeping is more settled. Frankly any positive help with EMF exposure has got to be good since we are surrounded by it. And just wearing a DOT or having one attached to your WiFi device is a great way to protect yourself at a reasonable price and without bulky equipment.

Lauratu Osu

I felt my body becoming less tense

Due to a house move we have been without the internet for two weeks. Once the internet was installed, I started feeling a bit nauseous and had a buzzing sensation in my head. I immediately placed a dot on it and within a few minutes I felt my body becoming less tense plus the buzzing sensation disappeared. I have now dotted every emitting device at home (including my mobile phone) and armed my kids with biodots to enersure they are protected at school. As a health coach, I encourage my clients to make healthy choices when it comes to food and the environment they place themselves in. This is definitely a product that I will be recommending to my clients.

Jeanette. T

I felt cleansed of the EMF radiation that I was experiencing on a day-to-day basis.

For someone who works around digital devices on a daily basis I am concerned about the constant exposure to EMFs on my family and me. Luckily I had the opportunity to test the entire energydot line. I put the BioDot on myself, SmartDot on my cell phone, wireless router, kindle, ipad, and computer, SpaceDot on a table in the living room, AquaDot on the water filter, and water bottle that I use the most often, and lastly the SleepDot on the frame of my bed.  Immediately once I did that I noticed a shift in the energy around me. And by the next day I felt cleansed of the EMF radiation that I was experiencing on a day-to-day basis. The health benefits that I have been experiencing as a result of using energydots have been great. I have more energy in general where I no longer experience the internal buzzing and fatigue that I was feeling around my digital devices.  I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and alert.  And now I am able to workout before work, which is something I was never able to do because I was so tired.  With my newfound energy I am more efficient. Thank you energydots!