We all want the best for our children. In our wireless world, there is limited research and mounting concern for the health of our children, who are growing up in a sea of electro-pollution. Help them switch off from mobile and gaming devices with our range of protection products. Take a look at our labelled nursery to find out how you can best equip your child’s space to ensure they’re protected 24/7.

Steps to a safer nursery

Though not everyone can have a royal nursery, we can make every effort to ensure safety standards are fit for a prince. Find out how new parents, Prince Harry and Meghan, are baby-proofing their nursery and how you can too.

How do I use it?

It’s hard not to be reliant on technology, from the comfort of YouTube Kids to the necessity of a baby monitor. Though we can reduce device usage the best we can, cutting them out seems unecessary. See our nursery placement guide to learn the best products for a baby’s bedroom, alleviating stress and promoting a deeper sleep – for mum, dad and baby.

Tim Jones

Waking more refreshed and with energy

I had been wearing the energy dot wristband for a week or so then realised I was waking more refreshed and with energy, it was then I took it off for a few days for my wife to try but was too big for her so I put it back on. It was quite noticeable that in the days I was without it I woke feeling lethargic and un-rested, but after wearing it again for a few days I felt so much better especially in the morning. That was proof for me. Excellent product.

Marina Woolman

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend the Smart Dots which definitely reduce the effects of using any device, ie no headaches, no reduced energy levels felt...  With the coming of 5G I think it is important to protect ourselves!

Mark Eccles

I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools

I am lucky enough to have the majority of the product range and find they all have discernible benefits. I'm sensitive to energies both good and bad. I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools or devices such as mobile phones protected by them. Highly recommended you give these a try

Anna Stevens

The best EMF balancers on the market

I read the scientific background to EnergyDOTs and decided these were the best EMF balancers on the market. Mum to 2 girls with electronic devices it’s a no-brainer to protect their health and knock on effects the BioDot and SmartDots will have...

Lauratu Osu

I felt my body becoming less tense

Due to a house move we have been without the internet for two weeks. Once the internet was installed, I started feeling a bit nauseous and had a buzzing sensation in my head. I immediately placed a dot on it and within a few minutes I felt my body becoming less tense plus the buzzing sensation disappeared. I have now dotted every emitting device at home (including my mobile phone) and armed my kids with biodots to enersure they are protected at school. As a health coach, I encourage my clients to make healthy choices when it comes to food and the environment they place themselves in. This is definitely a product that I will be recommending to my clients. lauratuosu.com