Are you always looking for ways to improve your business? Whether you have a small startup, growing establishment or simply feel you could enhance the company you work for, using energydots means you can enjoy your favourite and well-needed tech without the headache. DOTs create a calmer atmosphere, reducing stress and ensuring health and wellness is a priority. See our labelled office to find out how you can best improve staff wellbeing in the workplace.

Why do I need it?

Enjoy the business benefits that a clear, vibrant space with focussed, energised staff delivers. Over many years, we have found solutions for a range of businesses, from agencies to hotels to rugby clubs. Our products can help reduce the symptoms of electro-stress in many staff and customers, providing calm spaces that enhance the wellbeing of the people within them.

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How do I use it?

We have solutions to improve the business environment for both employees and customers, optimising the environment and supporting greater success. See our office placement guide to discover how to best equip your business from the effects of EMFs and create a more effective working space.

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Wellbeing and health

After receiving our initial order of biobands we re-ordered another 16 within the same week as the demand was so high. The guests here at Ragdale hall have been very interested and intrigued by the concept of the bioband and DOT as many are conscious about their wellbeing and health.

Ragdale Hall

I have more energy

I was pleasantly surprised to find a DOT on my computer Tuesday morning. It has definitely made a difference to myself and the office as a whole I think as we all seem to be calmer and I am finding that I have more energy, especially in the afternoons after lunchtime, I’m not so fuzzy headed. Great product!

The Isbourne Clinic

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