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How does it work?

We live in intense wireless times, constantly surrounded by devices which emit low level EMF radiation. This is the same for our pets.  Some experts claim that EMF exposure has a biological effect, confusing our natural electro-magnetic stability. PetDOT is programmed with natural frequencies using a digital platform called Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology. These natural frequencies look to boost your pet's natural energy field.  PetDOT works the same way as bioDOT.

How do I use it?

Begin your pet’s wellness programming by introducing petDOT, into their life. Peel off the protective backing paper and fix securely to a clean, dry surface such as a collar, halter or bridle, using the super strong adhesive. Your pet should wear a petDOT day and night to strengthen and support their natural energy field and help them stay in top form.

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