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One of the best ways to protect yourself and family from the harmful effects of anything is to be informed, and that way you are empowered to do something about it!

We have no 'slant' in posting these videos, but do so only to give the viewer just some of the data that is available out there. Our answer to this issue is:

  1. Follow the common sense guidelines on how to reduce your EMF and radiation exposure
  2. Use energydots to harmonize and reduce the effects of the harmful frequencies that surround us in our modern world
  3. pass the information on to your friends and associates as this is a societal problem that affects us all

More snippets from around the web!

Check back regularly for new videos and send this link to your family and friends as they need to know too!

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How cell phone radiation affects kids and adults

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Increasing awareness of health risks

By admin | Jun 9, 2015

It’s no longer just a concern voiced by minority ‘green’ groups, as more and more research is published and the number of scientists urging Governments to take action is growing. Almost 200 scientists from around the world joined forces recently to urge the World Health Organisation to review health guidance around mobile phones. The world…

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Escaping from electro-smog

By admin | Jul 21, 2015

Digital detox holidays are becoming more popular as people jump at the chance to wind down without emails pinging, and notifications arriving day and night. We appreciate that it is very difficult to completely separate from the electronic world but if you have the chance over the summer why not try checking your social media…

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Why don’t I have more energy?

By admin | Aug 15, 2015

We’re now surrounded by electronic devices and WiFi, either our own or other people’s. The average British household now owns 7.4 internet devices, ( more and more towns and cities are investing in WiFi networks so it’s hard to escape the electro-smog this generates. In the same way that some of us are sensitive to…

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Should my child have a mobile phone?

By admin | Oct 19, 2015

There’s no simple answer to this one. Many of us enjoy and even rely on the benefits of mobile technology and Wi-Fi to run our lives. We keep in touch with family and friends. We organise work and social activities. We’re used to always being connected. For young people now they offer an easy way…

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Wi-Fi in schools. Is it safe?

By admin | Dec 3, 2015

This is a really serious issue, particularly as increasing numbers of schools are installing WiFi, potentially exposing children to harmful radiation. Disappointingly, there have been no moves in this country to follow the growing trend around the world for countries to ban or restrict Wi-Fi in nurseries and schools. Nations including Canada, Israel, Italy and…

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Space Pyramid

By admin | Aug 14, 2017

This stunning yet simple glass Pyramid, modeled on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, is unique. Designed by Phi harmonics and made exclusively for them by Spaceform, it has a Phi spaceDOT visibly embedded at its centre. Available for purchase from our store

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By admin | Aug 14, 2017

Place a sleep mat under mattress or pillow. The sleep mat will support your energy field and allow your body to relax into deeper sleep. For all ages babies, children or adults. Put the smartDOT on your Wi-Fi router or even the baby monitor. Available for purchase from our store

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By admin | Aug 14, 2017

Retune and revive your energy. The bioBAND is a silicone wristband with a bioDOT at its centre. Available for purchase from our store

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By admin | Aug 14, 2017

Recharge your battery by wearing a bioCLIP. A bioDOT is affixed to the reverse of the metal disk which can be clipped to any item of clothing. The bioDOT will retune and revive your natural energy. Includes a FREE smartDOT for your mobile, computer, tablet or Wi-Fi router. Available for purchase from our store

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