Some Health Effects of EMF

  1. Why Children are more vulnerable to cell phone radiation
  2. Effect on DNA
  3. Effect on fertility
  4. Behaviour changes
  5. Heart irregularities
  6. Children Are Especially Vulnerable

There are several reasons children should not be exposed to this new, invisible form of air pollution. It is well known that children’s bodies, and systems, are more vulnerable to radiation’s effects than adults. At critical times of development, when one wants to set the stage for optimal learning, children’s environments should be electromagnetically clean. And, that means not just free from microwave radiation from cell phones and wireless technologies, but also from the radiation emitted from Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), ‘dirty electricity’ (high frequency transients on wiring), from wireless ‘smart’ meters, and from electronics, which can emit hazardous electric and magnetic fields when one is near them. We must become more conscious, because the total burden of exposures to electromagnetic fields has become a serious human health (and mental health) hazard.


Effects on fertility

In a study published in Fertility and Sterility (Vol. 89) in 2008 by A. Agarwal et al of the Cleveland Clinic, laboratory values of sperm count at an infertility clinic decreased as the duration of daily exposure to cell phones increased. In the highest exposure group, 1/3 of sperm count was lost with over 4 hours of male cell phone use, and 50% of the remaining sperm showed physical abnormalities, did not swim well or were non‐viable.

In a study at the University of Newcastle in Australia by John Aitken, once again, mobile phone radiation was linked to reduced vitality and motility of sperm. These effects were shown at exposures greater than 0.4 W/Kg, however the FCC limit for radiation intensity from cell phones is 4x higher at 1.6 W/Kg. From these and numerous other studies around the globe we know that the FCC exposure limit for cell phone power intensity is inadequate to protect male sperm.

Research on Testicular Cancer, Damaged Sperm and Reduced Fertility 16 published studies on microwave radiation’s connection with testicular cancer, damaged sperm and reduced fertility, compiled by Alasdair Philips and Graham Lamburn, leading EMF experts with Powerwatch ( in the U.K. The studies listed paint a grim picture for young men and boys who want to preserve fertility and health but also use a cell phone.

Behaviour Changes

Did anyone tell you that there was a large epidemiological study conducted by UCLA and Danish researchers involving 13,000 children and the results indicate that cell phone use by a mother during pregnancy results in 54% greater chance of offspring having emotional and social problems when they reach school age? That number increases to 80% if the child is by the age of seven using a cell phone him or herself. (

It is important expectant mothers learn about the effects of microwave radiation from exposures to wireless technologies, including cell phone use, wireless routers, wireless baby monitors, portable phones, and cell phone towers and antennas located within 1,500 feet (approximately 5 city blocks) of the home.

There is no research as of yet on the effects on female eggs or egg count, but scientists believe there may be greater consequences from electromagnetic field exposures for girls and young women since eggs are not replenished, as is sperm. Instead, girls have a fixed supply of eggs for a lifetime.

why children

DNA Effects

An important European review of the science, called The Reflex Report, prepared by 12 scientific institutes in 7 countries, confirmed long‐term genetic damage in the blood and brains of users of mobile phones and other sources of electromagnetic fields. See images below from that report showing DNA breaks in two exposure scenarios: 24 hrs of cell phone use (considered a ‘non‐heating’ exposure) and 1,600 chest X­rays (a high intensity exposure from ionizing radiation well‐known to break electrons from atoms and to cause cancer):

Notice DNA disintegration appears similar, whether one has 1,600 X‐rays or uses a cell phone 24 hours. We have known since the early research of Henry Lai, PhD of University of Washington and the work of Jerry Philips, PhD at the University of Colorado (plus very early government and military research more recently made available), that microwave radiation damages DNA, and yet our government and commercial sectors have nonetheless supported and encouraged the proliferation of wireless telecommunications all around us.

Recent research conducted at Columbia University shows that the spiral shape of DNA creates, effectively, a ‘fractal antenna’, meaning that more than any other material in the body DNA is exquisitely sensitive to all sorts of electromagnetic fields. This new insight, which will be published shortly, and is in press, is very significant.


Heart Irregularities

This is an image depicting how quickly a heart can be impacted by microwave radiation. In two cases, the radiation is from a portable phone. Portable phones emit the same radiation as cell phones. Note that instantly, subject B’s heart rate almost doubled on each exposure to the portable phone radiation.

Heart Irregularities Occur from the Frequencies of Portable Phones And Wi­Fi Without Any ‘Heating’