British Superbike

April 2019 – We are thrilled to announce an innovative new partnership with the British Superbike Championship, bringing support to organisers, participants and fans of a sport we love.

As the first ever Official Digital Wellness Partner for the series, our aim is bring the benefits of ground breaking frequency technology into the Paddock.

Frequency technology is a revolutionary way to support performance and well-being.  Science has demonstrated that we are electro-magnetic beings and some studies show that the energy we are surrounded by affects us.  If we’re living with high levels of negative or discordant energies this may disrupt our finely balanced energy system.  

Frequency technology offers the opportunity to restore balance. 

Our constant exposure to electro-magnetic fields from mobiles, computers and wi-Fi represents a huge change in our environment.    Some people say they feel the effect of this exposure and experience symptoms of electro-stress.  These symptoms are wide ranging and can include fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, headaches and ringing in the ears.  

The energyDOT range is designed to bring balance and harmony back to our energetic environment and our energy system.   Well-being is supported by this harmony and balance.  

smartDOTs on the marshall’s communications equipment will harmonise the effects of man-made emissions, while sleepMATs in physiotherapy treatment rooms will improve and reduce recovery times for the riders.  We work on a one to one basis with many riders and if you are a fan or when times allow a spectator and want to understand more please just email or call us on 01803 665626.


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Here is what British Superbike are using

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