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BION Institute is an internationally renowned scientific research organisation conducting tests and issuing certificates in the field of (ultra)weak emission.

*bodyDOT also known as bioDOT*

“As seen in various graphs and tables, and particularly in Table 3, the overall influence of the product bodyDOT as monitored by physiological testing, demonstrated a significant difference between the situations in the direction of energising or heightened alertness. The effect may somewhere be observed in the first part of testing (HR, RR, TEMP) or the second part (SC, TEMP). Based on sufficient statistically significant differences between bodyDOT situation and

Control situation demonstrated in the testing of the energy influence of the product bodyDOT, we acknowledge that the product meets all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism No. 0263, which is announced on webpage”

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Each of us has a biofield, composed of measurable electromagnetic energy. Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) shows any possible imbalances and disturbances in this energy field.

The results found disturbances present around our brains when we use wireless, EMF-emitting devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. When a bioDOT is introduced, less imbalances and a normalising effect on the biofield can be seen.

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