How energydots work

Each DOT has a magnetic structure which is digitally programmed with an intelligent combination of natural fields designed to support your wellbeing.

Magnets have been used as storage devices for decades – bank cards, video tapes, a computer hard drive are all examples of magnetic storage.   

Each DOT stores and radiates particular fields of information.  It is the nature of the information that does the work and creates positive change. 

The combination of natural fields encoded onto each type of DOT is different.  For example the information on a bioDOT is different to the information on an aquaDOT.  We use a proprietary digital platform called Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology (P.H.I.T) to encode information onto each DOT. 

Fields that create change

The fields radiated by energydots create change by a process known as entrainment.  The natural highly coherent fields retune the less coherent fields they encounter by the process of entrainment.   Entrainment is a law of physics discovered in 1665 by a Dutch Physicist and Scientist named Christian Huygens.  The concept is firmly established, researched, and accepted by the scientific community.


A basic definition of entrainment is the tendency for two oscillating (vibrating) bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony.  The powerful rhythmic vibrations from one source will cause less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into the vibration of the first source. You can watch an example of entrainment here.

Frequently asked questions

How can a sticker possibly make a difference? How soon will I notice a difference? No question is a silly question! Here at energydots, we get a lot of questions, so we’ve gathered our most-asked in this space. The independent testing and customer surveys are available here.  If we’ve not covered what you need to know, just ask. Fill out the form on the contact page, or call us on 01803 665626.  We are here to help.

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