Why choose energydots?

Energydots offer an alternative solution to other EMF blockers on the market. Energydots do not block or absorb EMF radiation, instead they neutralize the frequencies, which is why they have such a positive impact on the biofield.

Each energydot has a magnetic structure which is digitally programmed with an intelligent combination of natural fields designed to support your wellbeing. Magnets have been used as storage devices for decades – bank cards, video tapes, a computer hard drive are all examples of magnetic storage.   Each DOT stores and radiates particular fields of information.  It is the nature of the information that does the work and creates positive change, by emitting naturally coherent frequencies, the unnatural EMF frequencies will be “entrained” in line with the naturally occurring frequencies.

You can see demonstrated by our independent testing how EMF radiation effects our systems. “smartDOT monitored by physiological testing demonstrates a significant difference between the two tested situations in the direction of calming the vegetative system (stress-reducing).”


smartDOT is for your devices. Its magnetic structure is digitally programmed with coherent natural fields. These retune the EMF emissions. Physiological testing shows a calming and stress reducing effect. In a March 2021 customer survey overall 60% of people said they had headaches less often (161 out of 267).  Available as a single, double, three or five pack.



available in different wearable options.

The bioDOT magnet is encoded with natural energy fields which support your energy.  Our constant exposure to wireless devices means more and more people are experiencing electro-stress.

In Dr Rubik’s peer review of the BION Institute study she concluded “the change in state due to bioDOT is not a stress response–not sympathetic nervous system arousal (“fight or flight” response), nor is it a typical parasympathetic response (“rest and digest” response). It appears to be a mixture of an energising effect with an element of relaxation”.

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I’m astonished about this product!

I bought this product just for testing, a few smart dots, a sleep dot and a neck one too!
totally recommended because is working incredible good!
I’m more focused and clear mind, I can sleep better, I can feel a body light sensation around me, and the most important is that my levels of addiction to dopamine and phone dependency down incredible!