About energydots

Our driving force is a desire to help as many people as possible, changing lives one DOT at a time.

Our mission

energydots provides wellness solutions for all of humanity (and our furry friends). Our global business partnership is run with integrity, warmth and consideration, based on a vision to create a world of good energy.

Our three directors are all parents and work as a united group with a team based in Devon.   We’ve worked with thousands of people over ten years who are looking to embrace new concepts to support their well-being.  Frequency technology enables you to create a positive energetic environment and support your energy system every day. 

To read the story behind energydots click here and see our Founders story. 

Energy Revolution

Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² states that all matter is actually energy. It is thought that our bodies pick up on the energy we are surrounded by. For good physical health, we must consider the energy we are exposed to.

Why strive for change?

Some scientific theories propose we are an open energy system i.e affected by the energies we are surrounded by.  Ancient cultures and quantum theories are beginning to converge and the attention we pay to our energetic self and environment is considered by some experts to be worth considering.  To some this consideration is important as we are live in very different times.  Our reliance on technology means we are constantly exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields.  Over ten years have received calls and emails from many people who have embraced frequency technology and found it has helped them.  This is our driving motivation to continue to reach and help as many people as possible.