energydots feature in Wellbeing News

“Easy Tech Gadgets for better sleep and improved energy for 2021”

“Forget crash diets and hitting the gym (either physically or virtually), this year more than ever our goals need to be focused on a holistic approach to health and wellbeing”– Lucy Blyth

Image By Will Reddaway [WR Photography]

“As a consequence of the journey that we are navigating through Covid, many people have realised the importance of the very foundations of health and wellness, and in 2021 are focusing on more natural ways to restore their energy, stress levels and sleep more soundly.”

“But did you know that handy frequency technology discs that work in a natural way with our bodies can help to achieve better sleep and improved energy?”

“Users have reported their sleep has been transformed – sleeping more soundly and deeply after using the dots for just a few days.”

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