A great feature in Thrive Global

Easy Ways to Get Your Wellbeing Back on Track for 2021

“How about trying some clever technology that you can wear, stick to devices or place around the home as a way to help to switch up your sleep and to get your wellbeing back on track?”

“As a consequence of the journey that we are navigating through Covid, many people have realised the importance of the very foundations of health and wellness and in 2021 are focusing on more natural ways to restore their energy, stress levels and sleep more soundly.”

Placed near your head when you sleep, sleepDOTs invisible vibrations encourage your brain to slow to the theta and delta frequencies – the slowest frequencies of the brain, associated with relaxation, meditation and deep, dreamless sleep.

“Wearing a bioDOT natural energy booster releases natural frequencies to support the body’s biofield.”

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