Why the BBC journalist’s report on smartDOTs is inaccurate and misleading

A personal message from our Managing Director, Lucy Blyth, explaining how the scientific study quoted in a report by Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology Correspondent for bbc.co.uk has measured completely the wrong thing when it comes to our products.

A report on the BBC’s website has made claims that the University of Surrey’s 6th Generation Innovation Centre found that our products have no effect – but unfortunately, they came to this conclusion because they have not measured the correct thing when it comes to how our products work.

Please see below methods of testing


Tests were carried out with and without the products. 

 Test set up and procedure The products were tested for any impact on the Wi-Fi signal strength using a spectrum analyzer (which covers up to 6GHz) as well as a Wi-Fi enabled phone (Samsung Galaxy S9).  We attached the stickers to a WiFi router as explained in the product user manual, then we measured the signal with the spectrum analyzer.  During the tests, we did not observe any change in the Wi-Fi signal strength or change in the spectrum.  

In the second test, we attached the sticker to the Samsung mobile phone and measured signal strength with a software app and the result showed no changes in signal strength (power) or frequency. “

This isn’t the first-time journalists have misquoted the effects of our technology, so we feel it is important to clarify what frequency harmonisation is, moreover, why the way to test our products is actually via biological testing not by measuring an effect they have on mobile phones or wi-fi access points.

We do not – and never have – claimed that our products shield radiation, so tests measuring the devices themselves and signals they emit are not relevant; our products retune (or harmonise) the emissions to a more natural coherent frequency meaning that the body does not have to react to them. It’s the effect on the human biofield that needs to be analysed.

We have been studying and measuring the positive effects of our products for more than 10 years and openly share our own independent testing on our website – which have not even been mentioned in this article? 

I also feel it is important to stress that we as a business never make claims regarding health risks from radiation from mobile phones and other devices, particularly relating to 5G. We quote valid studies and experts in this field.

Our aim is to continue to help the people who benefit from our products, and thank the hundreds of happy customers who have written to us, praising the products and how they have benefited their health.