UK Health Radio – Lucy Blyth from energydots, How and Why?

Radio Interview – Stewart St Clair from UK Health Radio asks Lucy Blyth, Founder and Managing Director of energydots: How and Why?

Stewart from UK Health Radio suffered a pontine haemorrhage back in 2015 and his whole life changed. Determined to make a speedy and full recovery, Stewart found that the things he would need to do this were not available through standard health care. So began his journey into alternative medicine, holistic therapy and wellness. With a new passion and directive, he created his segment, ‘TheWayForward’ on UK Health Radio. Here he aims to bring listeners to a better place by informing, engaging and inspiring through tips and advice about how to better your life.

Stewart sits down for a chat with our energydots founder and managing director, Lucy Blyth. Being a former personal trainer and nutritionist, Lucy has always been keen to establish new and effective ways to better our health. After becoming concerned about her young children’s exposure to EMF radiation some 10 years ago, Lucy created energydots. energydots aims to inform and educate about the potential health dangers of EMF radiation whilst offering a unique and intelligent solution to address this.

The advancement of technology in recent years has been a blessing, allowing us to stay in touch through all hours of the day. However, it’s important to understand that when surrounded by all of our favourite gadgets, we are immersed in the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by them. Many studies now suggest and claim that these frequencies have the potential to ‘scramble’ our biological system, leading to adverse symptoms such as; poor concentration, headaches, stress, tension, memory issues and fatigue.


In this interview, Lucy addresses the following questions:

  • What are energydots?
  • How can EMF Radiation affect our health?
  • What kind of impact can EMF exposure have on our sleep quality?
  • Can I come to energydots for advice and help? (The answer is of course, yes! energydots are a very friendly business. We operate our emails and phone lines 8 hours a day, where we spend lots of 1 on 1 time with our customers, offering them the best service possible.)
  • Where can I find and see energydots?

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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