Maxine – ‘seeing the difference in my husband and son’s energy levels’

“This was the lightbulb moment that we thought, no, this really does work.”

We recently go in touch with Maxine, a customer of ours that found the product when energydots backed the British Superbike Championship in the Summer of 2019.

What brought you to use energydots?

When Maxine met the energydots team she and her family were recommended to try out our bioBAND and smartDOT combo. Here’s what she had to say:

To begin with, her husband Tim and son Bradley gave the bioBANDs a try. After a short while of them using the product, Maxine told us that: “they noticed, quite quickly, the benefit of it.”

After seeing the differences in her husband and son’s energy levels, Maxine decided she wanted to see for herself: “After a few weeks or so I asked Tim if I could wear his (bioBAND), he noticed that when he took it off for a few weeks whilst I was wearing it he experienced a loss of energy and felt quite lethargic. I then gave it back to him and he felt ok again.” Maxine continued to express: “This was the lightbulb moment where we thought, no, this really does work.”

Sound interesting? bioBAND is our solution to your energy needs. In our wireless world, more and more are beginning to experience the symptoms of electro-stress, otherwise known as Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). We created bioBAND to combat this. Programmed with a specific combination of naturally occurring frequencies, bioBAND is designed to support your body’s biofield and recharge your batteries.

Maxine continued to mention: “I had a brain tumour removed in 2016 which affected my balance and my sleeping, so they (the energydots team) asked if I would like to try the smartDOT and the sleepMAT. I would say within 2 weeks, my balance especially going up and downstairs was massively improved and getting out of bed became a lot easier.” She jokingly added: “although sometimes you want a lie in which is a bit annoying… but I was up and away!”

Like many of our customers, Maxine found the combination of smartDOT and sleepMAT to be effective in improving her energy levels. smartDOT is our device for harmonising EMFs emitted by your wireless devices at source whilst sleepMAT is our natural sleep aid.

What happened next?

“This is when I decided to buy for my Mother-in-law and nephew. My Mother-in-law has problems with stairs and would have to go up sideways one step at a time. We got her a bioBAND and dots (smartDOTs) and to begin with she was cynical. We got her a purple one which she thought was lovely. She (Maxine’s Mother-in-law) then said: ‘I didn’t realise until 3 weeks that I’m going up and downstairs really well.’ She also was finding it much easier to get up in the mornings.”

“I would recommend energydots to everyone.”

Who do you think energydots is for?

Finally, Maxine shared: “I don’t think there is anyone that it wouldn’t benefit.. to be honest, I would recommend energydots to everyone. My mother in law is in her 70s, my husband and I are in our 50s and my son, Bradley is in his 20s so I think energydots is something that benefits all ages.”

If you’d like to get in touch and share your energydots story, or simply just have a chat about your EMF related concerns – please don’t hesitate to give us a call or message on any of our platforms at the bottom of the page. We are always happy to hear from you.

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