How to: Reduce Your Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) Exposure

On average, adults spend about 11 hours a day staring at digital screens, whether that be mobile phones, TVs or work laptops, the need for screen has never been higher. And for kids, by the age of 7, they’re said to spend around 4 hours a day fixed to their screens, with this number more than doubling by the time they reach their tween years.

Consider this. There is 24 hours in a day, it’s said that 7.5-9 of these hours are required for sleep, that leaves 15 waking hours. And with 11 hours dedicated to screen time, that means we’re spending 73% of our time awake on screens. Crazy, huh? This may not relate to everyone, but it certainly will ring true for many.

With increased screen time comes an elevated concern for our exposure to EMFs, a form of electromagnetic radiation emitted by all of our wireless gadgets. As our lives become more and more wireless, many are beginning to speak out about experiencing symptoms related to EMF exposure. From headaches and stress to poor concentration and unexplained tiredness, some are questioning whether time spent on their devices is to blame and they’re certainly right to think so.

Now, it might seem absurd to even consider reducing our screen time. After all, technology is a blessing! We can keep up to date with world affairs and stay in touch with friends and relatives far and wide, but if you are looking to reduce your EMF exposure, here’s how to get started.

  1. Switch it Off!

Simple. If you’re not using it, switch it off. When your device is operating, its emitting EMFs. Turn off the power to eliminate any EMF or RF frequencies. Better yet, pull it out at the plug.

If you’re wondering how you can do this when you’re on your device all the time, start by switching your Wi-Fi router and mobile phone off at bedtime.

  1. Utilize Airplane Mode

Airplane mode isn’t just for flying, you know. The very basic operation of this handy function is to switch off any wireless transmissions made by the device, preventing the device from connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or mobile data. This halts any search for signal and reduces any EMFs emitted by the gadget. Use airplane mode when you’re not using the device and switch it back on every now and then to check for any missed calls or texts.

  1. Reduce Your Distance from the Device

The closer you are to the device, the higher the intensity of your exposure. Reduce your distance and the intensity of exposure will follow suit. For example, consider using a wired keyboard and keeping your monitor or laptop 2 feet away from you or using the speakerphone option when you’re taking a call.

  1. Avoid Using Your Mobile in Low-Reception Areas

There are conditions whereby your device, for instance your mobile phone, must work harder and thus emit stronger emissions to function, an example of this is when you are in an area with low signal. If you’re low on bars, try and postpone that phone call till you’ve got good signal.

  1. Dedicate Your Bedroom to Sleep

Consider making your bedroom a tech-free zone at night time. Whilst you’re sleeping you don’t need your devices, right? And whilst it is tempting to use your mobile phone as your alarm, use an alarm clock instead. Sometimes the good-old-fashion way is the best way! If you must keep your device in your room, switch it to airplane mode or keep it on the other side of the room. Remember, distance is key.

Read more about the impact our devices have on our sleep here.

  1. Consider EMF Protection

All of these steps are sure-fire ways to reduce your exposure, but we get it, sometimes you just need to be connected! Whether you’ve got a demanding job that requires the use of your tech or you just have to stay in touch with the latest on Instagram or Facebook, consider investing in some EMF protection. You might use a simple yet effective device designed solely to retune any EMFs from your wireless gadget at source or benefit from wearing protection designed to increase your body’s resilience to these EMFs.

It’s already known that diet, hydration and exercise are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but as our world’s technology advances and our time spent using wireless devices increases, it is important to consider what is now also key to staying healthy, our EMF exposure.

So, how will you protect yourself?

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