Naomi – ‘amazed at their positive impact’

“After using the energydots Products, I am amazed at their positive impact on my recovery and I really feel the difference in the quality of my sleep.”

Naomi’s Story

Naomi was suffering with chronic pain in her ankle caused by bone rubbing on the inside of her Achilles Tendon. Naomi had a number of operations on her ankle and foot to remedy sports injuries and a fallen arch. She was on prescription pain medication and her life was being impacted on a daily basis. Naomi has had 3 previous operations on her foot, rebuilding joints, heel removal & relocation.

As an avid triathlete it was imperative to get back to training as quickly as possible whilst following a strict regime of rest recuperation and physio, to build up scar tissue. By going too fast, this would have been counterproductive. The procedure Naomi had is an Achilles Speedbridge – the Achilles tendon is cut from the heel bone and the offending piece of bone is then cut off with a bone saw. The Achilles is then re-attached using special fibre wire and staples.

Standard recovery timescales are 8-12 weeks in boot or cast, 4 weeks light weight bearing 10-20%, 4 weeks mid weight bearing and healing phase completed by week 16.

Using the smartDOT to block EMF interference from devices, spaceDOT to harmonise our home, sleepDOT to enhance sleep experience and a Healing Mat for localised alignment of frequencies and interference – the results were outstanding. 

After the Achilles Speedbridge, Naomi followed all procedures set out by her Surgeon and Bupa approved Physio. With a Healing Mat in her boot, Naomi was able to stand without the boot after 12 days and walk without the boot after 4 weeks – aided by crutches.

After 5 weeks Naomi was approved for driving and after 6 weeks, the physio was so happy Naomi started her stretches and resistance Physio.

After 6 short weeks Naomi was able to walk unaided, and after 8 weeks was back riding her bike and training gently – but seriously – for her next triathlon. Naomi hopes to be running soon. 

Naomi believes that her improved recovery was directly due to the energydot Products. Comparing her healing from her previous 3 foot operations and this last one, her recovery was at least 40% faster than previous operations on the same foot.

The usual recovery time for an Achilles Speedbridge is 8 weeks in the boot / cast minimum, and then a further 8 weeks light weight bearing 10-20% gradual recovery.  

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