Fiona – ‘I fall asleep within 20 minutes’

“With the reduced effects of emf, I can just focus my energies on getting my body well again.”

One of our favourite things is to hear from our happy customers. One of our valued customers Fiona recently got in touch with the energydots team to share her testimonial with us. Keep on reading below to find out how Fiona benefitted from using our products, in her words, not ours!

Fiona’s Story

“It was so lovely talking to Lucy and Jez at Cadwell Park BSB. Thank you so much for the dots and sheet.

What amazing products they are! No word of a lie, after putting the sheet under our mattress, placing the space dot in our bedroom and the smart dots on the router and smart meter,  I have gone to sleep within 20 minutes or so without fail every single night since!

There were 3 nights when I was back to square 1 and it taking me a couple of hours,  but it was because I’d had fresh ground coffee after 8pm on 2 occasions and I was using the laptop all night before going straight to bed on another occasion.

Interestingly, our cat has also slept on the bottom of our bed every night apart from 2 since I brought the energy dots into our home and she’s also stayed there all night. If you’re a cat lover, you’d know how aloof cats are, so this is really bizarre.

Equally interesting: my emotions seemed to have balanced out more again as well. As a result, I have not taken my mirtazapine once since, because I haven’t felt I needed to…. result!!!

My husband has also been sleeping better and doesn’t get up as much in the night to find himself wide awake and struggling to get back to sleep anymore either…double result!!!

With the reduced effects of emf, I can just focus my energies on getting my body well again after my Isle of Man TT racing accident. So thank you again, energydots” ????