Celebrate the International Day of Families with energydots

“Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.” – J.K. Rowling

The International Day of Families is celebrated on the 15th of May every year. A time to reflect on the importance of your support unit. Whether it be your relatives, your friends or your furry friends, family really is the best! And with the outbreak of COVID-19, the importance of having a close network of people around you has never been more prominent.

Now, families are the foundation of society which sounds like a pretty serious thing! But equally, families are also where we enjoy the laughs, the smiles and even the bickering. It’s where we enjoy (or suffer!) the old stories from Granddad for the 100th time, the hugs with your crazy Auntie or laughing until your stomach hurts with your brothers and sisters.

What makes family so special is how different each individual is. Whichever family member you are, we’ve put together a list of energydots products best suited to you.

For the Techie

An official gift of the 2019 Grammy celebration, the smartDOT is a clever device for you to attach to your wireless devices and enjoy EMF radiation protection.

Independently tested through double-blind research, smartDOT is proven to reduce thermal heating and improve blood oxygenation. And with our customers enjoying fewer headaches, relief from tension and greater concentration – smartDOT is the ultimate swag for the modern-day techie!

“I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my energy levels since adding a dot to our devices and my husband has also stopped having headaches!”

– Angela

For the Zen Master

Great for those into meditation or yoga, the spaceDOT is the perfect addition to your feng-shui routine.

The spaceDOT is a room harmoniser designed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by EMF radiation. Great for the home or office, it works to rebalance the energies in your home. From geopathic and historical to architectural or emotional negative energies, using spaceDOT gives you the best chance to feel some calm.

“Excellent and practical healing devices. I definitely feel calmer with the space dots around the home. Also feeling less tired using wireless technologies with the smart dots attached. Very happy customer and would definitely recommend.”

– Pamela U

For the Night Owl

Whether your night is spent binging your favourite programme or face-timing your family, it’s possible you’re keeping yourself from a good night’s sleep. Our bodies have evolved to produce cortisol as a part of our ‘fight or flight’ response. Stress caused by replying to that late-night work email or watching an intense TV drama could be to blame for keeping you up at night.

Praised by late-night tv-bingers, book worms and restless souls, sleepDOT is our natural sleep aid. Programmed with a clever combination of calming, soothing frequencies sleepDOT works to aid your brain in reaching the brainwaves of deep sleep – theta and delta. Here is where you’ll be giving your body the best chance to recover through deep, restorative sleep.

“My Mum bought me a new energydot wristband and sleep dots. Ever since I have started using them I have noticed brilliant results. So far I have been waking up feeling more refreshed and less tired. I usually struggle with sleep waking up during the night but I can’t remember the last time I didn’t sleep through the night! Couldn’t recommend this any more.”

– James M

For the Furry Friend

Finally, you can’t forget your furry friends! An invisible problem for all creatures, big and small, is the EMF radiation that we are exposed to in our wireless world. Wi-Fi, phones, computers, games consoles and baby monitors all emit EMF radiation constantly, which has been shown to cause drowsiness, headaches and anxiety.

petDOT is our animal-friendly device. Rest assured that with petDOT your fur babies are protected from the emissions emitted by these devices.

As a family we are sleeping so much better than previously. I also bought the pet dot for our dog’s collar & he seems calmer. Besides the dog, iPads & phones have been ‘dotted’. In this tech age, I’m willing to try anything to lower the amount of EM energy we’re surrounded by.

– Paula