Mark – ‘more stable energy and mood’

“it’s definitely up there with the best of the best health devices and I’ve tried a lot of different products.”

We recently got in touch with Mark, one of our long-standing customers who has supported and used our products for years. Here’s what he had to say:

We asked Mark what brought him to use energydots, he said: “It’s been years that I’ve been using energydots. I found your products soon after I started to become more conscious of my exposure to EMFs. I felt I was prone to energy sensitivity and low moods but without knowing what was causing it.” Read more about the symptoms of electro-stress here.

Mark then realized: “After using the products, I had a much more stable energy and mood and more positive thinking.” That sounds like good news to us! Keep reading for more.

When we asked him which products he most enjoyed, he had plenty to say…

First of all Mark said how “bioBAND is an excellent device. It’s good that you have different sizes for children too.” He continued to say that he found the bioBAND helpful in keeping a steady mind during the coronavirus outbreak: “I need it right now, especially because of all the negativity in the media at the moment. It definitely does have a calming effect.”

Sound good? The bioBAND is our energy-boosting wristband. Here’s how it works. Using a clever combination of intelligent, energizing frequencies stored within a magnet – it boosts and reinforces the body’s natural bio-field. I know, sounds like a lot right? Take a look here.

Next, Mark found that one product he couldn’t live without was sleepMAT, our natural sleep aid. Speaking happily about how: “For me, I have tested hundreds of health products and have found that your product (sleepMAT) is really powerful.”

He added that what made our product stand out was how “It’s easy to use. I often forget that my sleepMAT is there, but I’ve become reliant on it now.” Like others, Mark finds the sleepMAT really does help him get a good night’s sleep. But where can I find it? Click here.

Hold on, there’s more. Speaking about smartDOT Radiation Protection, he said: “I recently got a pack of 5 smartDOTs for my children. As an individual who is very EMF sensitive, smartDOT gave me an instant feeling of relief when placed on my device.”

“It’s nice to know I can use my phone for longer with peace of mind. Knowing that I am safe.”

Who do you think energydots is for?

“Generally, everybody. I think people need to be more open-minded to give things a try. It’s (energydots) definitely up there with the best of the best healing devices and I’ve tried a lot of products. The value for money is outstanding compared to more expensive products that do a similar thing.”

Finally, Mark shared: “I’ve spoken with a few members of energydots and I’ve had pleasant chats with them all.” – Thanking the team.

If you’d like to get in touch and share your energydots story, or simply just have a chat – please don’t hesitate to give us a call or message on any of our platforms at the bottom of the page.