Jessie – ‘noticeable change in my energy’

Jessie’s energydots Testimonial from energydots on Vimeo.

“I sleep better, I have more energy, I’m less tired, I can do more through out the day.”

Jessie’s story

We recently heard from Jessie, one of our highly valued customers. Jessie reached out to us to share her experience after using our products for 9 months. To begin with, Jessie expressed: “I, as well as my family and friends, have seen a huge noticeable change in my energy.” Jessie makes use of a full energydots toolkit. Here’s why that’s important:

Firstly, Jessie uses our bioBAND which offers a natural energy boost. Wear your bioBAND wherever you go to support your body’s bio-field. Secondly, she uses our sleepDOT, a natural sleep aid. Finally, Jessie uses our spaceDOTs, spatial energy harmonisers for her home and aquaDOT, our water harmoniser.

Jessie continues to mention: “I have got a past of quite high anxiety… and I’ve never been able to fully control it. Now, over the past 8 to 9 months my anxiety and my fears have completely transformed into next to nothing really. With energydots’ help.” Continuing to express “I can only recommend energydots enough.”

“I sleep better, whereas prior to using the products I was in a lot of broken sleep, I was dreaming a lot. I had a lot of anxiety when I went to bed and when I woke up. And as I say, it’s now next to nothing.”

And on top of that, Jessie jokingly states “the other thing that a lot of people have noticed around me as well (including my boyfriend), is that I’m a lot less grumpy. Which is always a positive!”

Jessie finishes saying “I think that these products are really important for our future development if we want to sustain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

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