Emma – ‘Helped me feel calmer’

“I think everybody should have energydots in their home, it’s definitely not just for people that have had major surgery.”

At energydots we jump for joy (literally!) when we hear how our product has changed people’s lives, whether it be a customer, friend or colleague – our driving force has always been a world of good energy.

One of our treasured colleagues recently had a battle with her health, here’s Emma’s story:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April last year and had a mastectomy on my left chest and reconstructive surgery on the right side in mid-May, so major surgery. “

How can we help?

When we heard the news the first thought we all had was; “ok, how do we help?”. We made sure she was equipped with an energydots healing mat. Emma kept this under her mattress to help aid her healing process post-op. As well as this she had her usual energydots tool-kit. Take a look for yourself here and keep reading for what happened next:

“When I went in a week after the operation the nurse who was removing my dressings had to go and get another nurse because she couldn’t believe how fast I’d healed.”

The nurse looking after Emma was shocked. She said that in all her time working in her field, she had never seen a patient’s cuts heal quite so effectively and quickly. We were so happy for her, how awesome is that? But that’s not all…

What other products did you find effective?

Here’s what Emma had to say: “Wow, where do I start? I guess that the products I found most effective were…”

bioBAND – “as soon as I came back from the operation, I put my bioBAND on and felt supported both physically and mentally, I found it helped me feel calmer and boosted me whilst feeling really under the weather.” bioBAND is our natural energy boost. Check it out here.

sleepMAT – Emma found that her chest was very sore after the operation. “ I struggled to get to sleep but once asleep I felt it gave me a more restful night’s sleep.” Something we can all agree on is that good sleep is a blessing!  sleepMAT is our sleep aid, clever tech in the form of a sumptuously soft, organic bamboo comforter! Sound too good to be true? Here’s the link.

spaceDOT – “I had spaceDOTs in my home already. I felt that during my healing process they really gave me some peace of mind. Knowing that my family was in a calm environment was nice. Especially when I wasn’t able to be the hands-on, loving mum that I usually am. That was most important to me, I love my family.” spaceDOT is our room harmoniser. Fancy uplifting the energy in your home? No problem, see for yourself here.

We’re so thrilled to say that Emma is well on the road to recovery and continuing to love her life with her family. Congratulations Emma!