Three ways to boost your mood naturally

September is almost here, which means the post-summer blues could begin to kick in. It’s natural to feel more upbeat when the sun is shining – it gives us mood-boosting vitamin D after all. But it’s important to recognise and take steps to combat when we’re feeling down. Here are our tips to boost your mood naturally:


Unfortunately low mood usually accompanies lack of motivation. Start with something you feel comfortable with, whether that’s going for a walk or doing a 30-minute yoga before bed, and build up from there. If it’s energy you’re lacking, try our naturally uplifting bioDOT to give you a helping hand with the first step. The seasons might begin to change but that’s no excuse not to get outdoors. Getting outside can be necessary in improving our mood. It also means we can take a digital detox and spend some time away from our devices, making us appreciate the physical world around us and also reduce any symptoms of electro-stress. While physical exercise is great for the mind, mindful exercise shouldn’t be overlooked. Mindfulness is simply about avoiding an auto-pilot mode so doesn’t need to be allocated or timed. Aim to eat slower during meals, listen more closely during conversations and seek out colours, sights and sounds when outside. Be present rather than yearning for the future or dwelling in the past.


We often preach that sleep is one of the most important things in life’s toolkit, but it really does play a key role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Getting enough, high quality sleep is fundamental for improving our mood naturally. Us adults should be getting between 7 and 9 hours of sleep, but this is sometimes compromised by noise, light, temperature, mattress age and stimulants such as caffeine and devices. It’s possible your device is a source of stress and keeping you up at night, but because of our day to day reliance on phones, tablets and more, it’s not something we always think about. Technology has significant effects on the quality of our sleep, so assess your sleep habits when you’re looking for change. If nothing is shifting, try our sleepDOT, a natural sleep aid which slows our brain waves down to their well-needed sleep frequencies. A good night’s sleep  can make us feel much more refreshed and happy.


It’s always time to talk, though it’s not always easy to. Mental health is much less of a taboo than it was, so confide in your friends, your family, your pet if you like. Try to remember that no one’s judging. The chances are that someone else is feeling exactly the same as you too. If it’s hard to say it out loud, you could write it down. Acknowledging your emotions is one step closer to accepting and changing them. Being in the right space and feeling at ease is key to opening up to others. Sometimes the energy we’re surrounded by either helps or halts this process. If you don’t comfortable, positive vibes in your own space, whether that’s your home or your workplace, introduce a spaceDOT to eliminate any negative energy.