Technological advancements in motorsport

Advances in electronics have always been an important element in the progress of motorsport. With equipment more technologically specialised than ever before, bikes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, better to handle and most importantly, faster. In a race to produce the most innovative machines, manufacturers consider crash protection and rider safety as a priority. The relationship between race bikes and road bikes is much closer than cars, but the implementation of technology that reduces rider control, which is currently seen within racing, is seen by some as detrimental to road bike development. Mobile technology in particular aims to create a reality of a crash-free future, with rider-focused elements to maximise comfort and control. Bikes are evolving to communicate their positions with each other to reduce the chance of collisions, with semi-autonomous aids such as cruise control using radar systems to maintain a safe gap. Influential racing figures, such as Valentino Rossi, have publicly argued against the growing influence of technology in motorsport, since it takes away from rider input. A less well-known fact about the developments are that mobile technology emits low-level radiation, which can be damaging to health – something necessary to avoid when competing at a top level in sport. Electro-magnetic frequencies are a constant in today’s world, emitted by everyday devices such as mobile phones, fitness trackers, smart watches and performance enhancing motorcycle electronics. But these are presenting challenges for an increasing number of people.  Electro-stress, a recently-coined term, is indicated by concentration disorders, unaccountable aches and pains, fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, and more. Our recently-announced partnership with BSB will provide future protection from the less visible dangers in motorsport; from smartDOTs on the marshall’s communications equipment, which aim to harmonise the effects of man-made emissions, to sleepMATs in physiotherapy treatment rooms to improve and reduce recovery times. BSB are employing energydots products in a pioneering approach to safety. Making the historic leap from National Superstock 600, BSB rookie Ryan Vickers is sponsored by energydots and has noticed positive changes since using energydots products which is essential in the competitive, high-performance sport:
“In just a few months, energydots have helped me to sleep better and feel more alert, which can make the difference between winning and losing.”
Photography by Impact Images