The Mother’s Day alternative gift guide

This Mother’s Day, give yourself the chance to prove you know your mum inside and out. We’ve put together some of our most popular products by personality, so you can find the perfect gift for the mother figure in your life. Whether they’re a sport-lover, jet-setter or fashionista, we’ve got an alternative to flowers and chocolate here at energydots. Enjoy the wonderful feeling that you’ve got it right – we’ve got your back!

For the globetrotter

Praised by frequent travellers, the sleepMAT is ideal for home and away, helping to avoid sleepless nights. Especially appreciated during long-haul flights, the mat’s secret is stitched between its layers. The organic, hand-made, cotton sleepMAT contains a sleepDOT at its centre, which emits soothing frequencies to encourage and improve sleep. What’s more is that when she doesn’t need it, her children can use it to sleep more restfully.

For the fitness fanatic

Great for mums on-the-go, the aquaDOT is the perfect quirky prezzie. It can be attached to the bottom of a reusable bottle and will refresh the energetic structure of the water. Ensuring optimal physical performance, something important for many mums out there, the aquaDOT gives your body its best chance at renewing itself on a cellular level.

For the techie

An official Grammy gift last month, the smartDOT should be stuck onto wireless products, from phones and tablets to baby monitors and wifi routers. Reducing ‘electro-stress’, fatigue and headaches, the smartDOT offers protection from invisible radiation, emitted by electrical appliances. So if your mum needs the ultimate pick-me-up, this is the gift for her!

For the animal lover

Is your mum also mother to a much-loved furry friend? The petDOT means she can be reassured she is best protecting and nurturing her four-legged children. Easily attachable to a collar, the petDOT reduces animals’ sensitivity to gadget emissions and guarantees they are in top form. Let mum rest easy knowing all her babies are catered for.

For the style icon

If you want to show the mother figure in your life how much she means to you, the Flower of Life Pendant is a heart-warming traditional gift with a twist. The solid silver embossed pendant features a recessed bioDOT , programmed with natural but powerful frequencies which harmonise and retune your energy field. Let your mum recharge her battery and restore her energy… in style.