Inside the Grammy Awards goody bags: our top five gifts

Though only a select  few walk away from the Grammy Awards with a renowned golden gramophone trophy, musicians, performers and presenters are saved leaving empty-handed with the opportunity to stop by the on-site gifting lounge. Some of Hollywood’s finest stars, which this year included Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake, received an official goody bag valued around $30,000, curated by Los Angeles-based marketing company, Distinctive Assets. Here are some of our favourite gifts from the most talked about goody bags over the years:

smartDOT protection device

In case you haven’t heard, we were an official gift provider for the 61st Grammy Awards which were held earlier this month at Madison Square Garden, New York! We were proud to feature the energydots™ smartDOT, a self-adhesive device designed for wireless products, in the Grammy Awards gifting lounge. The smartDOT uses cutting-edge technology to provide protection from the invisible radiation emitted by electrical appliances and retunes these frequencies to improve energy, sleep, concentration and performance. The ultimate pick-me-up.

Golden Door spa visit

A staple in the Grammy swag bags is the opportunity to visit Southern California’s Golden Door Spa, a place which focuses on mindfulness, fitness and outdoor adventure. The spa is designed to encourage guests “to reposition themselves at the centre of their own lives by tending to their bodies, minds and spirits.” The spa donates 100% of its net profits to charities which help to end child abuse, poverty and illness.

Curlee Girlee children’s book

Last year, children’s book ‘Curlee Girlee’ by Atara Twersky featured in the Grammy gift bags, sparking a body-positive movement for parents and children alike. The book was inspired by Atara’s youngest daughter and her curly hair, written to empower children around the world to learn the art of self-love and value the unique features which make them different.

Trtl travel pillow

Scientifically tested at the University of Dundee, the bestselling travel pillow from Trtl provides an alternative to the traditional U-shaped memory foam option. The pillow, which resembles a scarf, ensures that head and neck posture aren’t compromised when sleeping in constricted positions, such as during train trips, car journeys and flights. The super soft fleece pillow improves overall sleep on-the-go, preventing stiff necks and sore shoulders.

Bangarang positivity cube

With a mission to make the world a better place, Canadian brand Bangarang aims to promote positivity in every way. The positivity cube from the 2017 gift bags is a wooden box containing 199 cards of positive quotes and actions, in the hopes of reducing negative thinking and awakening an optimistic outlook on life. Think this sounds good? It gets better as Bangarang donates 10% of the profit to Save the Children charity. Visit Business Insider for a full list of this years’ Grammy gifts.