EMFs need not be harmful – know how you can protect yourself

In a growing wireless world, we are surrounded by EMFs which can be harmful for the body. Some of the common, everyday sources of EMFs are:
  • Wireless Internet, including your neighbour’s Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Phones and Deck Phones
  • Computers and Tablets
  • Wireless devices: security cameras, baby monitors, smart meters, etc.
  • Electricity Systems
Energydots™ offer a simple and effective solution for reducing your EMF exposure, supporting better sleep, a clearer mind, improved focus, fewer headaches and a more positive energy. Energydots™ are a range of products designed to support you throughout the day. The DOTS are ultra slim ‘peel and stick on’ frequency harmonisers. Different from other shielding products energydots™ harmonise the harmful frequencies making them less harmful for the body rather than blocking them. Our range of EMF protection devices are activated by Programmed Harmonic Interface Technology. Below you will find our most popular products designed to protect you in your home and whilst you are on the move.


Smartdot is designed to be used on all electronic devices and equipment. Stop harmful energy directly at source by sticking this dot to each wireless item, i.e mobile and cordless phones, wifi routers, computers, tablets, baby monitors etc. By sticking our DOT on the devices that you use, you can reduce your EMF exposure.


Protect your energy from other peoples devices whilst on the move with a bio dot. You will rarely find people without a phone, tablet or such other devices. With our bio DOT, you can carry out your daily chores and tasks without having to worry about being exposed to unprecedented levels of EMF.