Should my child have a mobile phone?

There’s no simple answer to this one. Many of us enjoy and even rely on the benefits of mobile technology and Wi-Fi to run our lives. We keep in touch with family and friends. We organise work and social activities. We’re used to always being connected. For young people now they offer an easy way to keep in touch with friends, and as children start to become more independent, to let anxious parents know that they’re okay. But there are many downsides to the ever expanding amount of technology in our lives. Younger children who are still growing and have many years ahead of them using smartphones and Wi-Fi have the highest potential risk from exposure. Countless studies now show that there are health risks from prolonged use of mobile phones. Countries around the world are banning Wi-Fi in nurseries and restricting its use in primary schools. Realistically though it is very hard to expect a teenager not to have a mobile phone, so how can we minimise the potential harm? Try to wait until your child really needs a phone before getting them one. Before you buy, check the SAR rating. The ratings vary hugely, but the lower the number is, the better, as it means less risk from radiation. Turn off the phone every night, or switch to airplane mode (this will aid sleep). We recommend creating a a digital sunset routine when all devices get switched off and stored in one place overnight (great for adults too!) Buy a smartDOT for each of your devices, they are programmed to harmonise or retune electromagnetic radiation from devices.