Escaping from electro-smog

Digital detox holidays are becoming more popular as people jump at the chance to wind down without emails pinging, and notifications arriving day and night. We appreciate that it is very difficult to completely separate from the electronic world but if you have the chance over the summer why not try checking your social media and email once a day, set a strict time limit, then leave your phone and computer until the next day. Switch your wifi off whenever you don’t need it to reduce radiation. We really notice the difference when we spend time outside and away from the ever growing numbers of devices we are surrounded by. If you really notice the benefits while you are away, and feel headachy, tired, and stressed when you return from a break, there’s a chance are you could be electro-sensitive. Some of us are affected more than others. Our experience and concerns led us to develop our energyDOTs, which are designed to help harmonise the radiation from electronic devices. Customers report many benefits from using them, and they could help you to keep that relaxed holiday feeling for longer.