Increasing awareness of health risks

It’s no longer just a concern voiced by minority ‘green’ groups, as more and more research is published and the number of scientists urging Governments to take action is growing. Almost 200 scientists from around the world joined forces recently to urge the World Health Organisation to review health guidance around mobile phones. The world is starting to sit up and take the issue seriously – for example wi-fi has been completely banned from nurseries in France, and French primary schools must turn wi-fi off when possible. The city of Berkeley in California has passed a law requiring mobile phone sellers to put prominent safety warnings on the devices they sell. Lloyds of London, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, has decreed that wi-fi and any other electromagnetic radiation poses an uninsurable risk, leaving school officials potentially responsible for any future health problems.There have been several hard-hitting articles in the national media recently including the Telegraph who posed the question “Is WiFi making your child ill?” Researchers have now concluded that wireless radiation causes cancer, leaving no room for debate. Significantly one of their findings was that people who first used mobile or cordless phones before the age of 20 had the highest risk Whilst we’re delighted that the word is getting out about the dangers of using phones and being immersed in wi-fi, especially for children and young people, we don’t think it’s happening fast enough, so we will be stepping up our efforts to inform as many as possible. Let’s be safe not sorry. Daily Telegraph – Is WiFi making your child ill? France bans wifi in nurseries Berkeley to make phone warnings more prominent Canada reviewing radiation exposure guidance Lloyds of London decision Researchers conclude Wireless radiation causes cancer