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bioBAND, bioCLIP & bioTAG

You can buy a bioDOT + smartDOT duo pack ($55) or we have incorporated the bioDOT into three easy to wear options. All of these special offer options cost $59. The bioBAND, bioTAG and the bioCLIP - are all offered with a FREE smartDOT (worth $40).

The combination of a bioDOT and smartDOT alters your immediate energetic environment and experience. Suitable for adults, including pregnant women and children. Over the last 14 years we have accumulated testimonials from customers who have experienced the following:

  • higher energy levels
  • better sleep
  • fewer headaches
  • greater concentration
  • relief from tension
  • less stress


The bioBAND has a bioDOT at its center which acts as a natural energy supplement. Wear the bioBAND every day to retune and revive your energy. Available in a small (160mm approx 6 1/4"), medium (180mm approx 7") and large (200mm approx 7 3/4"). Offered with a FREE smartDOT (worth $40).


The metal disk and bioDOT are attached to a clip so you can quickly and easily clip it onto whatever you are wearing. Easy and secure. Ideal for children. It comes in four colors: white, grey, blue and pink and is offered with a FREE smartDOT (worth $40).



The bioTAG is an attractive and really handy way to wear your bioDOT. The bioDOT is attached to the reverse of a simple silver plated metal disk. On the front of the disk a Phi logo is set in white, grey, blue or pink enamel. It can be worn as a pendant or you can secure it through a belt hook for guys or around a bra strap for girls. It comes with a 6cm leather cord and is offered with a FREE smartDOT (worth $40).

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