So this is what EMFs look like!

OK so we all know that is you can't see it, can't feel it and can't smell it, it can't harm you, right.........?

REALLY...........? Think it's time to find out!


Ever wondered how the world around us would look if we could see the radiation and signals being emitting to support our wireless networks and cell phones?

Central Park, New York City Bethesda terrace
central park
Department of commerce
white house 3

Artist and Researcher Nickolay Lamm gave us these images and insight into what surrounds us in our wireless world.

Nickolay made his images as close to the real thing as possible by working with Danilo Erricolo at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Fran Harackiewicz at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, both professors of electrical and computer engineering.

While these may not be 'actual' images they are a scientific representative of just how 'electrified, and how chaotic, our 'space' has become. Surely it's time to question the safety of being immersed in a sea of electro magnetic pollution, 24/7, surrounded by pulsing man made radiation frequencies?

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wifi waves 2
space needle
white house large

Thank you Nickolay for helping us to see!

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