'See' the WiFi signals in our spaces!



Digital Ethereal revealing wireless technologies. The workshop followed the same methodology as Spirit Photographs did, using a performative approach to spatialize WiFi networks using the Kirlian Device and a three Android phones running the Kirlian Device Mobile app. These pictures are the result.

Student Luis Hernan created the photographs using a custom-made instrument designed to reveal them. It scans continuously for wireless networks, and transforms the signal strength to colour LEDs.

The results are multi-coloured streaks of light which twirl and wrap in spaces, showing how they surround objects and people.

The images are fascinating from a visual point of view, but the most shocking thing about Hernan’s shots is how different signals can be in almost the exact same spot.

You see blue (representing the weakest signal) blending into red (strongest signal) with a variety of colors in between. Our wireless signals are fickle; they reacting to our bodies and the various materials around us, which maybe doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s battled with Time Warner’s spotty wireless.