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energydots were born out of a need to protect people from the sea of electro pollution that we are living in with our modern 'wireless' world.

From cell phones to smart meters, lap tops to baby monitors, tablets to hairdryers, gadgets, gadgets, gadgets, that we use everyday for our own convenience, (and would now find it hard to live without), are nonetheless creating a world with the amount of EMF and radiation exposure is now way beyond what could be considered normal or 'natural' and while we aren't going to give up our way of life, we can do something to protect ourselves and our families from these emissions.

Using energydots can help to reduce the affects of EMFs and other radiation and each dot can last for years, but even so we recommend that you do also take other measures to help minimize your exposure to EMFs - see ways to do this here.

Below is an overview of the various product options available (click on the pictures to get more info)


bioDOT can boost your energy and reduces stress levels and help to protect you from emissions from external wireless devices - it's a bit like recharging your battery! Options include single and double pack self-adhesive ‘dots’ or the ‘ready to wear’ options bioBAND, bioCLIP or bioTAG which also include a free smartDOT with each pack.

smartDOT - reduce ‘hot ear’, headaches, tension etc. when using any mobile device, cell, laptop, smart meter, baby monitor etc. (the smartDOT is also available in bio/smart pack includes a bioDOT and a smartDOT as we recommend that everyone wears a bioDOT 24/7 and at least has a smartDOT on their cell phone as a basic foundation)

sleepMAT improves the quality of sleep for deeper, sounder, more regenerating sleep and greater relaxation (also includes a free smartDOT)

Place a sleepMAT under mattress or pillow. The sleepMAT will support your energy field.  For all ages babies, children or adults. Put the smartDOT on your Wi-Fi router or even the baby monitor.

aquaDOT revitalizes and enlivens the water
and other liquids you drink.

The aquaDOT is designed to refresh the natural energetic structure of water, removing imprinting from EMFs and other sources. This gives your body the best chance to renew itself on a cellular level.


spaceDOT clears and re-energizes the environment or ambience in your home or work space. Revitalizing your environment with spaceDOTs has an uplifting and enhancing effect which brings restored clarity and flow. Each spaceDOT has a radius of five yards (i.e. 360 degrees in all directions).

As well as an object of beauty, the space pyramid has all the functionality of the spaceDOT and will grace any room while harmonizing the spatial energy around it. Geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional factors - the spaceDOT is designed to retune them. It has an effective working radius of approximately ninety yards.

petDOT for our furry friends who also need help to protect them from electromagnetic frequencies - includes a free aquaDOT for their water bowl!

petDOT holds and radiates a nurturing energy signature (phi technology) which strengthens and supports your pets natural energy field – helping your pet stay on top form.

And below are some more images that show the benefits from using the energydots (click on each one for more info)

amazon thermal 2
Amazon blood2
Chickpea growth affected by cell phone.
Gas Discharge Visualisation
biofield biodot

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