Animals need protection too!

As animal lovers we all want to care for our pets in the best way possible, but it can sometimes be easy to forget that they too are being exposed to the electromagnetic emissions and radiation that surrounds us, and that they are also being detrimentally affected by this type of pollution!

In fact as their senses are usually more finely tuned in to environmental stimuli they may even be more aware of the constant bombardment of pulsing electronic frequencies from our mobile Wi-Fi devices than we are, but can’t tell us about it!

Sticking a petDOT on their collar, halter or other item that they wear can help protect and support them from the harmful effects of these gadgets and possibly help boost their natural energy and zest for life!

And don’t forget their water!

Just as it is vital to our health that our bodies get plenty of clean, revitalizing water to keep us hydrated, so is it for our animals.

Because EMFs and other electro pollution distort the structure of water the petDOT pack includes the aquaDOT so that you can ensure that the water they drink can be refreshed and re-energized to help them stay healthy.

Just stick the aquaDOT to their water bowl or bucket, or whatever they use to drink from.